About me

This is me, an 18 year old girl. Trying to live my life like the rest of us. 

So you came on this page wanting to know a bit about me?.. 

Well here's the normal stuff, I have red hair, brown eyes and I'm not very tall to say the least.

 I love spending time with my friends going to the ciniema, park ect... I love watching movies, my favorite kind would have to be Disney and marvel. I like music, I listen to music all the time, when I wake up to when I go to sleep. I play the xbox and playstation from time to time, as I love playing video games. My favriotes is The sims series and the wolf among us.

I also have a YouTube channel with my best friend Alice, called MegAndAl. If you would like to check that out that would be awesome, and see if you like it :) 

The aim for me writting this blog is to do reviews on things I enjoy, like games, films, music ect...and to hopefully get your options.

Hope you enjoy!

Meg x 

Let me know what's your interests are in the comments below.