The Wolf Among Us - Telltale Game

The wolf among us 

The wolf among us is a point and click adventure game developed by Telltale games who developed titles such as The Walking Dead. It is based on the Fable comic books with fairy tell characters, such as the Big Bad Wolf, Beauty and the Beast, Snow White and many more based in New York city.

The story follows Bigby (Big Bag Wolf) who is the sheriff of the Fable town. Along side helping him Snow (snow white). Throughout the game you and Snow will be investigating a crime scene, questioning people and unravelling new information in this murder mystery thriller. 

The game play deprives between quick time events and a verity of dialogue options, which you can choose the answers to make Bigby act out your choices and the story will adapt differently based on these choices. However it's not in depth game play, as it is only based on quick time events so from a game play perspective the game does not offer much 'game' like aspects. Which depending on what kind of games you like to play might turn you off, however the games greatest strength lies withing its great story line and your involvement within the dialogue options. 

The art style is cell shaded giving it a comic book effect to the environments, however this choice on art design means the game doesn't have the most realistic graphics and compared to many games on the market it doesn't provide breath taking visuals, however if you are like me and love this art design then you will care little for its lack of ultra graphics. 

When I first played this game through I made it as realistic to what I would of said as possible. This got me to see what my reactions what would caused or created. Then I decided the second time I played it I would make it the opposite to see what would change By doing this it opens up many different play throughs and becomes a great value for money.

This game is well written and I think it is well worth getting. As the experience is thrilling and engaging. But I won't give too much anyway as I would love you experience it for yourselves. i would highly recommend this game to anyone who is looking for great characters and a fantastic story to get immersed in.
(Reviewed for the PC, £20.00 on steam)

If you already have played this game then please let me know what you think. Also if you agree to anything I have said.

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