10 things that make me happy

10 things that make me happy 

1. The first thing that makes me happy is Marvel. I've grown up watching marvel films for years and every time I watch them they make me feel so good afterwards. Also during the movies they really make you fall in love with the characters and want to watch more. The first marvel movie I ever watched was The Hulk, it is also my favourite marvel character because he's a normal person like you and me, But when he gets angry he becomes strong. That shows to me that whatever emotion you make someone feel it can make a huge impact. I also love the art work the characters are so unique and different in their own way, that's why they are so popular. Oh yeah and don't get to mention they kick ass big style. 

2. Another thing that makes me happy is The Lion King, it's my favourite movie. I used to watch it back to back when I was little. I love singing along to the songs and I even know a lot of the words of by heart. Sometimes when I know what they are going to say I will say it just before they even say it. I know sad, right? haha. But I love it and I can't help myself. It's just too damn good. It's another feel good movie which never fails to make me smile. My favourite characters are Timon and Pumbaa, they are funny and have their own quirky personalities. Lion king 1 and 2 are the best. Wasn't so keen on the 3rd but still a great movie over all.

3. Lego games are amazing, they have their own unique style and they have so many different kinds of games Such as, Harry Potter, Lord Of  The Rings, Batman, Marvel, Star wars and many, many more. They make you feel so involved in the story line, but also make you feel apart of the original story yourself. Not only do you play the game through once, but you can play it over and over again to make sure you have unlocked all the achievements in the game. They also have side missions that you can play which are different to the story line but still using the same characters. So there is so much you can do, and if you don't want to play the story line or mini missions you can wondering around and see what you can unlock by destroying things. They also have funny clips that they play most of the clips have no words but can still make you laugh as humour is a key element of the Lego franchise. The only Lego games that I know of that have talking in them is Batman and Marvel. 

4. Crisps are to die for. I love them, I think I could even be addicted. They have crunchy ones, melt in your mouth ones, filling ones, ones that are shaped as things such as teddy bears. They come in so many different shapes and sizes. There are so many different brands. My favourite flavor would have to be between Salt and Vinegar or Prawn cocktail. My favourite brand would have to be Pringles because they seem to be the only brand that fill all the way to the top of the packaging.  

5. Netflix is a great invention I must say! It makes me happy because when I'm bored or want to watch something I can just turn on my laptop and watch a film or a programme. Yes you have to pay for it, but it's great value for money because you can watch as much as you want, whenever you want. At the moment I've been watching Pretty Little Liars on there and they have 5 seasons of it I think. If you start watching something and then you have to do something you can always come back to where you finished off at as it remembers where you got up to. Which I think is awesome because it's like a bookmark so you don't loose your place. It also has a lot of variety, such as comedy, horror, drama, TV series, Romance. Another great thing about it is that it remembers what you have watched and recommends something else you might like to watch, with a great selection of both TV series and classic films.   

6. Youtubers make me happy because they are normal people like you and me showing us things they love to do, or recommend things that you might like to try/do. There are so many different kinds. They range from an adventurer, 'Fun For Louis' to beauty 'Zoella', to gaming 'Pewdiepie', to many more. Some youtubers mix it up a bit and do daily vlogs as well as gaming videos. Which I like because this creates range in what they like and also helps to get to know the person you are watching more. 

7. Spending time with my friends and family. Spending time with them makes me happy because I love knowing what they are getting up to know and then. Also love hearing their funny stories that they have to tell. They are the people that are always there for you no matter what but can also get on your nerves from time to time. But that's when you know they are special. You may not have a lot in common with them but you can still find something to talk about. 

8. Now this one might seem a bit cringe, but my boy friend. He is my best friend and never fails to make me laugh. He is the first person to make me laugh for 10 Min's straight. We also have a lot in-common which is awesome. We also have some things that we don't have in-common, which is good because it creates a nice balance. We do annoy each other time to time but he's alright ;). We are both in love with burgers and pizza, so that's something we can enjoy together to make us both happy. Gotta love pizza! 

9. Meeting new people makes me happy. I love seeing a new face and seeing what they are like. Seeing if I have anything in common with them or to see if they are cool. I love talking to them to see if you would want to meet again. It's also nice to see a new face once. You never know who you might meet. You never know but you could of known or met them before without realising. 

10. Last but not least that makes me happy is music. If you have read my first blog 'About me' then you would already know this. But this is a must to but in. It has so many different kinds and so many different types. I love music, I love listening to it, dancing to it and also having it in the background. I like music when it fits your mood. I love listening to it when I'm in the bath, walking somewhere, sat at home or waiting for something/someone. I also love to learn about music types and see when they started.

I hope you liked this blog, I would love to try and see if one of the things  that make me happy also makes you happy :)

Meg x

Let me know in the comments below what your top 10 are and why.

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