Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6

Me and my boy friend went and saw Big Hero 6 the other day, and we thought it was amazing. So I decided to do a blog about it to tell you what was so good about it, I also want to know how you guys feel about it.

The story is about a boy called Hero who is very clever and loves playing this robot game which is a where one robot fights another for money. But gets himself into trouble with the police because he was gamboling. His brother then takes him to uni in order to inspire hero to use his intelegence for good. His brother intrudues hero to baymax who is a robot who designed to help people.

Throughout the story Hero and his friends try and create a superhero allience in order to stop the villan Yokia, from destorying the city. But that's all I'll be telling you so you can go expirence it for yourselves.

They made the charactors unqie in their own way and made them really stand out from eachother. They also used really good charactor development. The art design they used really made the film looking intresing and appealing. It is really colourful and the setting of Sanfrantokyo is completely unique within the marvel universe. They made a great storyline which really got you engadged and made you feel like you were part of the story it'self. They added really good dyologe which made you you feel lots of different emotions such as happy, sad, excited and scared. Also they added really good one liners that made me laugh a lot.

This also differs from other marvel films because it's souce matrail is Japanease ratherthan american which is trditionaly used.

Everyone should go see this film, it is hype!

If you already have let me know in the comments how you thought it was?

Meg x

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