My Geek Box

My Geek Box

Hello everyone. I'm so excited to be doing this Blog. It will  be the first monthly Blog that I will be doing. It is a monthly subscription that I have just got into, it comes with awesome things inside, such as t-shirts, figurines, sweets, mugs and a loads more! That would usually cost over £100 for all of it but because it is such a great deal you get it all for either £17.66 a month or pay £48 every 3 months. Each month has it's own theme and this months was Alliance, the stuff in it always relate to the theme itself.

When I first opened the box I found these sweets inside. 'Lemonheads' are sweet when you first put them into your mouth but when you suck them they go sour. I like them a lot. Sad to say, but I've already eaten them. I had never heard of them before so it was lovely to try something new. 

I thought this was cool when I opened it, as I love marvel and the fact it's a wallet as-well means I can make some use out of it. It has shinny material on the front, which I think is a lovely touch. I love how colourful it is, and the characters chosen to be put on it are awesome. Also I love the hulk so I'm glad he was put on there, he's my main man ;)

This is a Transformers bottle opener, so it's great because I don't have a bottle opener. Also it is a perfect example of the theme of the box this month. I like the fact it's silver as it keeps in simple but still looking awesome. I like the first movie but not so kneen in the rest. I did love the cartoon when I was little.

Now this, I have only seen one episode of Aventuretime. But I still like it because I love mugs that have things on them. Not sure the name of this guy, but I was looking for a new TV series to watch, so I might start watching it properly this time. If you guys are fans of the show is it worth watching?

This has to be one of the best things you get in this box. It's marvel and all the avengers on the same t-shirt. Which is awesome, and I saw the latest avengers film the other day and it was amazing so getting this t-shirt makes me want to watch it again. Also grey is a great colour.

When I first show this I thought it was Lego, but it's Mega Blocks. Which I still think it cool because I love building things out of Lego and it's close enough. I've never played World of Warcraft so the product it'self doesn't interest me that much, but it is something to do. Also making things out of blocks is cool and collecting figurines is something that does interest me in the future.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog, if you are in love with geeky things then I'm sure you will. I am very impressed with my FIRST box. I can't wait for the next one.

Comment bellow what you thought of this box, and if you got this box yourself was there anything different that you got compared to me?

Meg x

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