My Geek box

My Geek box

Hello everyone and wellcome back to my monthly box of awesomeness 'MY GEEK BOX'. This months theme is RESPAWN. Hope your just as excited as I am. For those of you that don't know what this monthly box is. It is a box which you pay for monthly and it comes with awesome geeky stuff. If you carry on reading you'll find out what kind of stuff I mean.

Now before I start just want to add that there was some sweets in here, a lolly pop and Laffy Taffy. But I ate them by mistake before I had a chance to take a picture of them. So I'm sorry about that. The rest of the box is pretty exciting so bare with me. 

I was in love when I opened this box and saw this. As I am a huge Halo fan. My oldest brother got me into it when I was 6-7 with the first two. Me and my brothers used to play on our Xbox's for hours playing Halo together. So opening this made me remember those great times. This box comes with mega blocks again, with a 'Master Chief' holding an assault riffle and an Elite holding a sward riding a Ghost. Which I thought was pretty awesome as when I play the game I always choose Ghosts to ride. 

Now I am a big fan of Super Mario also, so seeing this made me very happy. I believe there is a few you can collect, such as Mario himself, Luigi, Daisy, Koopa Troopa Koopa and Shy guy. I got Lokitu, which if you have ever played 'Mario Kart' you will remember him as the guy that when you fall off the road he comes to save you and puts you back onto the track. I think I would of rather had Shy Guy, but I still think this guy is pretty awesome. So I'm pretty happy with this.

I'm a sucker for Sonic. Sonic is one of the iconic games back when I was younger a long with Crash Bandicoot and Spyro. So this brings back a lot of memories. He is a fast moving guy who is a cool guy and he kicks ass. Very happy with this guy.

What's 'My geek box' without a t-shirt. So as this box is all about Respawn, this t-shirt is perfect. Another Halo reference. This has to be my favorite thing on this box, as I love Halo and I love t-shirts that I can wear to show off what I am. I am defiantly going to make the most of this t-shirt and wear it a lot.

So this box was a win. I thought it was better than last months. Very impressed. I hope you liked it aswell and I hope you think about getting one yourself and seeing what you thought. 

Comment bellow what you thought was the best thing/s in this months box.

Meg x

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