Planting herbs

Planting Herbs

Me and my mum were wanting to plant herbs for ages, but today we finally did it. This blog will show what we did and how you can do it at home and it doesn't cost much at all.

What you need is Compost, which we got from Homebase, news paper, plastic containers, median size (don't need to be too big), the seeds of the herbs you want, a small shovel and a watering can. 

First things first is to put the new paper down on your surface area, this is so that any compost that you use will drop onto that. Which makes it easier to clean up after.  

Then put the compost into the containers you have chosen, but not all the way just half way. This will give you enough room to put the seeds in so they have enough room to grow. 

Add the seeds and scatter them evenly on top of your compost. This will help make it grow evenly. Then place more compost over top of the seeds. 

Now add some water not too much but enough to get to compost damp. Keep watering them once a day and they should grow nicely. 

I've put mine on my windowsill. Because they will get plenty of sunlight and also be protected by being inside from the bad weather. 

Hope you enjoyed this, and got some nice tips from it. Let me know if you have done this and how it turned out for you.

Meg x

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