Walk pictures

Walk Pictures

I went for a walk with my mum and dad and here are some pictures I took of the lovely walk. I hope you enjoy. 

I used a Nikon camera which is my mums. This was the view we had when we sat and ate our lunch. shows a lot of Cheltenham. 

These are the beautiful trees that I took pictures off. Sadly it was a gloomy day. But I still thought it was great lighting to show off the trees and their branches. 

I had to take pictures of my favorite flowers of all time. There were so many, I was so happy to be surrounded by them. When I was little every time I went to my Nanny and bampy's house for the summer I used to go for a walk in the park which is right outside of their back garden.If you walked round you would see the bluebells coming out and the place would be filled with them. Ever since then I loved bluebells as it reminded me of my grandparents house and the good times I would have there.  

What is a walk without walking your doggy at the same time. She loves going on walks. Every time you say 'WALKIES' to her she goes mad with excitement. 

On this walk you get to see great views and these were my favorites. I love how green it all is.

On this walk we saw some cows so I thought I had to take a picture of them. Sadly we couldn't go near them. But still thought I got great shots of them.

Hope you enjoyed this little blog. Comment bellow your favorite places to go for a walk.

Meg x

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