My Geek Box

My Geek Box

Hello guys, welcome back to my monthly blog for My Geek Box. This months box theme was ABILITIES. I hope you enjoy as this months stuff is pretty awesome, keep reading to find out what kind of things you can get in your box if you are thinking of getting one.

The first thing that I saw with these cool Spider-man power cards. Which by the looks of things it is a card game, which is cool because I love playing new games. Learning how to play this will be cool, and by the looks of things this game is like top trumps. So you can either play with them or put them up on your walls to make your walls look cool. But I think I'm going to use them as playing cards for my adventures.

This guy is awesome. My very first pop vinel and amazingly it's an exclusive one. I got Unmasked Cyclops. But you can get others too such as, Professor X, Cyclops (with his mask), Storm, Colossus, Mystique and Magneto. I'm in love with it. Xmen are really good films, so seeing this has made me happy as I always used to watch the movies and programmes when I was little. Playing Marvel lego and playing as the Xmen characters which this pop vinel also reminded me of. 

Now if you don't know already I am a huge fan of Marvel. So getting these badges you can imagine me fan girling a little bit. I have to say my favorite out of all of these as my main man HULK! He has always been my favorite Marvel character. I just need to try and find out where I want to put these badges now.

A mouse mat is awesome, and it being Starwars makes it even better! So excited for the new films, always loved the original movies. Having Darth Maul as a mouse mat I think it awesome, as it is a pretty badass kind of guy. Also means I don't have an excuse to not play PC games on my steam account anymore. Pretty happy with this. I hope the new Starwars films are good.

Last but not least, the awesome t-shirt we get in each box. Now I'm presuming this is from the Xmen school as the hint Mutant gives it away. What a great addiction to my collection of t-shirts. 

I hope you've enjoyed this months box, also by you reading this I hope it encourages you to get your own. 

Comment bellow what was your favorite in this months box.

Meg x

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