My Geek Box

My Geek Box

Hello guys! Welcome back to another My Geek box with this months theme 'TOONS' If you don't know what My Geek Box is, it's a monthly subscription box that comes with awesome geeky stuff. I have to say when I opened this months I was so happy. All the stuff in this is awesome. I really hope if you haven't already you go get a subscription. After seeing this box, it might get you to.

The first thing I saw was this awesome Simpsons doughnut pillow. I was pretty pleased when I saw this, as I've grown up watching it. Also I love having lots of pillows in my room so get addition to the collection. The Simpsons has to be one of the most iconic and long lasting toon that I know of. I'm so glad that they are still making more episodes.

This minion key ring is cool, I find that the minions are the best part of despicable me. So to hear that they have their own film is pretty awesome as I think they are funny and cute little guys. He will be an awesome addition to my Key ring collection that I have hanging up on my wall.

Family guy is another great TV show, which my boy friend is more into than I am. But I still find it very funny and worth watching. If  you want to watch something that's easy and funny then that's the show for you. As these are mens socks I will be giving them to my boyfriend as they would look so big on me and quite funny.

Adventure Time is something I need to get into a lot of people have been telling me that it is amazing. I've seen like two episodes so far. I like them, but still haven't got into it yet. So by me getting this I will give it a better try. What I love about these wrist bands is that you can share them with your best friend as there is two. 

Another Adventure Time item. This time a blow up sward. I think this is pretty awesome as I love blow up things such as guitars and things. So this will look awesome in my room.

It's time for one of the best parts about My Geek Box. Which is the awesome t-shirt. It says on it 'Everything looks better two dimensions' If I am honest I am not quite sure what this is from. But I am presuming it's to do with Mickey Mouse. Or Sticky and Scratchy. Either way pretty awesome and I am 100% going to look into this and find out what this t-shirt is about.

Thank you for reading this months blog. Sorry about the bad quality pictures had to result to my phone camera and the lighting kept changing. 

Comment below what your favorite part of this months box was.

Meg x

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