Summer Holiday

Summer holiday

I just came back from a holiday to Devon with my second family. I thought I would do a little blog post on the place as it's so beautiful and show you some of the things we got up to. We stayed at a place called WayBridge House. 

This is the outside of the house now it doesn't look very big here but then when you come into the house it opens up.

These are some pictures of the rooms. There was 5 bed rooms over all. They are pretty big and are so nice. As you go up the stairs it takes you into the living room/kitchen/dinning room. The room was so big that everyone could fit in and sit around the TV and play board games and talk. These pictures do not give it justice to what the place looks like.

As you go down some stairs that are attacked to the out house where the single beds are, there is a games room. It has a pool table and a table tennis table. Also has sofas and TV. We came down here pretty much every night to play a game and we put the music on the TV for background noise. We have such a laugh. The last day some of us did a pool tournament, and I WON! I never win things as well.

This is the view from the house. The sea water dose go up to the boats but in these pictures it's not. But the view still looks amazing. We were also very lucky with the weather apart from 1 or 2 days it being grey but it didn't rain till when we got home. 

The view from the walk right outside of where we stayed, I had to take pictures of it. Right by the beach. The sky was so clear and the beautiful weather made the picture look amazing and the sea. Again these pictures do not give the place justice.

On one of the days we visited Lynmouth and went for a walk and a meal at the pub. Here is some of the pictures I took of that. Such a pretty place. I would recommend you guys to visit it.

Thank you for reading this. I hope you enjoyed it I know most of this blog is just pictures but I thought it would be a cute blog post so you can see some things I did. I didn't upload all the pictures as I took a lot.

Comment below where you went this summer.

Meg x

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