Euro Gamer

Euro Gamer

At the weekend I had a birthday treat for my boy friend James for us to go to euro gamer. If you don't know what Euro Gamer it well, it's a gaming convention where people go to play games before they come out, to by merchandise and to play old iconic games that they know and love. It has a great range or games from Xbox, to Play station, to Nintendo. So it is fun for all ages and it also has a great exclusive 18 section.

To book tickets you will need to go onto this website and click on the by tickets button, I think the prices are really good for this event so I brought two for two days. An early entry will cost £20 each. Which will mean you get to go into the event an hour early than other people. But if you don't want to do that or they are sold out you can go for the normal pass that is £17.50 each. And to me that's a pretty good price. It runs in the course of 4 days, So you can get a 4 day weekend pass but I'm not sure about the price for that.

So as you go into the room you start at the Nintendo section where you get to play 'Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer', 'Slatoon', 'Starfox' and many more. These games are the ones we played in this section. 'Happy home designer' I knew about before and I really want the game so hopefully get it for my birthday or something. Fingers crossed. Playing the game 'Slatoon' has really made me want to get a WII U. What it is, is a paint balling like game where you have to splatter paint all over the place making sure you get every where and the team at the end of the game that has the most paint percentage on the map wins. 

On the way to the Xbox section we came across the Dota place. Where there were 10 seats one side and 10 the other for people to play mini matches to try out the game. Now Dota 2 isn't a new game but there was a lot of people there that hadn't played the game before. One of them being me, but my boy friend has played so much of it and loves the game so he was on it loads and pretty much every time we walked past he played a little game. On the Friday we saw some people play the 10v10 game so when we came back on the Saturday James really wanted to play it so he did and he won. Which is pretty impressive. 

For those that don't know what Dota 2 is, it's a game where you have teams on a square map and the aim is to choose a lane and go up the lane and try to get to their base and destroy it. But along the way you have to kill enemies and buy things to make your character stronger. 

We wanted to play Halo 5 but sadly every time we tried to the line was so long that you had to wait for like 3 hours till you play the game and even then you can only play it for about 5 minutes. So we didn't get a chance to but we did mange to play Halo 3 and some other xbox games. So I didn't feel like I was missing out. I also got a picture with my virtual hubby 'Master Chief'. So I was pretty chuffed with that. 

One of the new games that we wanted to play was 'Starwars battlefront 3' which I was so glad that we were able to play. There was two stalls for that. A big team one and a two player one. Sadly we only got to play the two player one because of how big the queue was but it was such a good game and we have decided we are going to get it when it comes out. Also manged to get a cute picture with a star fighter. It was so funny when I walked up to him to get a picture I thought it was just a statue so when he moved I just so far away from him. It made a few people laugh including him and myself. 

There was a cool indie section so we got to play a few of those games and also some old classics like Timespliters two and guitar hero. These games where awesome and I liked the fact that one of them was made from uni students so they had their game there to be able to show off and get someone to be able to help publish their game. It was such a good game that I really hope they do get it done. 

The attention to detail was amazing I loved how the Prison architect game, you were able to play it in a pretend prison and there was a toilet and blood in it. Making it feel more realistic which was a very nice touch which made me feel good about it.  

There was an 18 section that was themed like assigns creed and it had a stand where you could get free fake tattoos which I thought was a lovely touch. We didn't see much of the 18 section but it was awesome to look at and I think if you are of age you should go there and see it when it is next on. 

As I was talking above about seeing Master Chief, it reminded me that there was a lot more than just what I blogged about like the cosplay. Loads of people dressed up in awesome clothes or just put awesome t-shirt that they loved on. But everyone looked the part. 

When you go around the place there is a lot of merchandise stalls where you can buy loads of cool awesome stuff. So in an up coming blog I was blog about the stuff we brought as we did buy quite a lot of stuff.  

I hope you have enjoyed this blog. If you went, what you was the best part of it for you?
If not I recommend you go next year.

Meg x

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