Euro gamer Merchandise

Euro Gamer Merchandise

When I went to Euro Gamer this is the stuff we brought and we brought quite a few things so I thought I would do a little blog post on it. So keep reading if you are interested in what we got. Not all this stuff is mine, Some of it is my boyfriends but he kindly let me take pictures of his stuff as-well for me to be able to blog about. 

For those that don't know what Euro Gamer is head over to my blog called 'Euro Gamer'. I talk about what it is and what we did there and it will give you a little insight into it so you can see if you would like to go yourself.  

Both Team Fortress figurines are my boyfriends and one of them is a solider and the other a mechanic. They are both from a popular free to play valve game called 'Team Fortress 2'. Which is a team based first person shooter focused around unique classes with a unique array of weapons. Which are suited to there classes like the soldier uses a rocket launcher and the mechanic creates things such as sentry guns and ammo dispensers to help better the team. It is a very enjoyable game which doesn't take itself too seriously. These figurines perfectly reflect the cartoon nature and exaggerated features which makes TF2 so memorable.  

These Dota 2 plushies are also my boy friends. They are the heros from the game Dota 2 called 'Brewmaster' and 'Storm Spirit'. They are both very cute items and I think they are a great addition to our geeky/gaming stuff. They are similar to the TF2 items because they are well presented in a 'lucky dip' kind of purchase. Where you can get any random hero so it is a fun thing to do to test you luck and see if you can get you favorite hero. 

Little plushie Adventure Time toys. If you don't know what Adventure Time is, it's a program about a boy and a dog on an adventure getting up to all sorts of mischief. I have a few Adventure Time things now. I think they are pretty cool and are very cute. We had to get both of them and they were really well priced and thought they'd look cute in our rooms. 

Halo has been one of my favorite games for a long time since I was little. I have played all the games and seeing this for a £5 I thought I had to buy it. I have seen the Halo Forward Into Dawn. Which is a TV series and it is on Netflix if you want to give that a watch. I have never seen Night Fall before so I thought it would be a nice watch. As it was good price aswell I don't feel like I've wasted my money at all.

If you have ever heard of Kingdom Hearts then you will recognize this. This piece of art is James' again and he loves Kingdom Hearts and when he saw this he had to have it. Kingdom Hearts is a Play Station game where your friends have been taken by the darkness and you have to go and save them and basically the world. 

This guy is from the well known game called Fallout. Fallout is a game where you play as a person who has lived in a vault all their lives and you for the first time venture out into the wasteland. You choose where you would like to explore and you can do the main mission or mini side quests. It is a pretty fun game if you haven't already I would give it a play. 

Seeing this plushie fallout bobble head made me really excited for the Fallout 4 game that will be out late this year. So I had to by him. He is pretty cute and is head bobbles just like a bobble head. To go with it I got this t-shirt. Who has been nicely modeled by James as all the t-shirts we brought fits both of us. 

This cute Groot t-shirt is from the film Guardians of the Galaxy. I was going to get a hulk t-shirt but I have two so I thought I'd get this on instead. I do love it. Guardians of the Galaxy is a Mavel film where these characters come together to help protect the Galaxy from evil. It is a pretty funny film with a great story line.  

There were two Joker/Batman t-shirts. But this one looked the best so James brought it. I think it is a really good buy as well. The Batman films with the Joker in are the best. Heath Ledger dose the best Joker. It's sad he has gone but he will always been known as an amazing actor in history. I just love the way the bats are coming off the Jokers body and face. 

This top is of Dare Devil which is an awesome comic book series. I may of not read them but I have watched the TV series on Netflix. It's based on a man who went blind when he was younger saving someone and him growing up using his blindness to his advantage. Fighting crime and helping people out in such a badass way. 

Final Fantasy Jumper, James loved this jumper. It's based on the classic RPG game Final Fantasy Seven. The reference to shinra soldier on the back as well as how light the jumper is makes it a much have summer jumper. Which makes James feel like a cloud;).

Hope you have enjoyed this weeks blog.

Meg x

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