My Geek Box

My Geek Box

Welcome back to my monthly blog about My Geek Box. This months theme 'After life'. If you don't know what My Geek Box is, it's a monthly subscription box which comes with geeky stuff which follow a different theme each time you get a new one.

The first thing I saw when opening this box was an awesome zombie metal sign saying 'WARNING! THIS AREA HAS NOT BEEN CHECKED FOR ZOMBIES'. Which I personally love because I am really into the zombie stuff such as The Walking Dead. Now all I need to do is find out where I would like to put this in my room. 

Following the Zombie theme, here is a zombie window sticker I'm presuming. Which says 'Zombie outbreak response team'. Having two things to do with zombies really dose go well with the theme and are pretty awesome too. 

I love to read comics, but I have never read or even heard of 'Twisted Dark' before which is pretty exciting because I love getting new comics and finding out what they are about and weather I would like them or not. Also, the front cover looks pretty cool.

Now we all love puzzles so getting a cute little puzzle like this is pretty cool. It is Dracula themed. The aim of this puzzle is to try and see if you can get Dracula into looking like a cube. This puzzle would be good to use as a mini game if you having a Halloween party and see who can do it in the fastest time.

I think this is a cloth of some kind. Which would look so awesome if you were decorating your house of Halloween and you use it as a table cloth. Would really go well. I love how they made the hand prints look like blood and it shows that really well with the white background. 

Now the thing you always get in My Geek Boxes, which is the awesome t-shirt. Now I have to say this one has to be one of my favorite t-shirts yet. I love how it says BOO!. Which is a cute top to wear at Halloween if you haven't got anything else to wear or you didn't have enough time/money to get a costume. 

I hope you have enjoyed this months Geek Box as much as I did. What was your favorite part about it?

Meg x

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