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Hello everyone and welcome back to another opening of My Geek Box. This months theme is FILM AND  TV. I hope you are just as excited as I am to open this box and to see what's inside. For those who don't know what My Geek Box is, it's a monthly subscription box which comes with awesome geeky stuff with part of a different theme each time. If you carry on reading you will find out what type of stuff you could get if you sign up to it.

The first thing I saw when I opened up the box is a James Bond DVD. Now I'm not sure what is in this DVD but from what it says I gather it's about his Gadgets, girls and cars. I'm looking forward to giving it a watch. I've grown up watching James Bond films. I love them. My James Bond though is Pierce Brosnan. I find that Daniel Craig isn't as good and it doesn't help that the films aren't as good anymore aswell.

I am a big lover of comics, but I never new that there are James Bond comics around. I'm really looking forward to get my head stuck into this comic. It looks awesome and the illustrations in it are pretty amazing.

If you don't know already I have a huge keyring collection. So I thought this Ted keyring is pretty cool. I haven't seen the second Ted film, but I have seen the first. I thought it was pretty funny, so I might watch the second one soon.

I believe this Ski scarf is from Star wars, which is good timing as the Star wars films are coming out soon. I love Star wars, I've grown up watching them. So I'm pretty excited to be watching the new ones. If you have never seen it before I highly recommend it. They are science fiction films that have a lot going on and great story lines.

I'm not surprised at all that they put a Jaws t-shirt into the mix. As it is a very well known film even if people haven't seen it before. So like me. I have never seen it but getting this awesome t-shirt it has got me excited and wanting to watch it. I'll be watching it whilst wearing this t-shirt.

Thank you for reading this months blog on My Geek Box. I hope you have enjoyed it. What was your favorite part of the box?

Meg x

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