I've recently came across this website called Twitch it's a live streaming website where you can post videos of yourself gaming or doing other cool stuff (live). Or you can watch other people play and do the things you love to watch. I think it's a great way of becoming part of a world wide community.  

How this differs to YouTube and other video websites is that it promotes user and fan interaction though live communication. So me as a viewer I can talk to them live and have them respond straight away. So you can talk to them about the game as they are doing it. 

Pretty much any game you are interested in you will find at least one person live streaming it somewhere in the world. As long as you have a computer and internet you have access to it. 

If you are interested in doing this head over to the Twitch website and register for free. 

I hope you have enjoyed gaining a little bit of insight to what Twitch is. Add me on there if you would like to, but I just tend to watch people rather then upload or live stream.  If you are interested in watching entertaining gaming streams here is James' Twitch channel.

Meg x

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