First Aid

Now before I start I am no expert in this whatsoever but these are the things I have learnt by doing a First Aid course. I hope for you to learn at least one thing from this. There are too many people out there that don't know basic first aid. Now I am lucky enough to do it for free through my work. But not all of us are and not all of us have the money for it. So I thought I would write a blog with 10 tips about First Aid and how you as a person can help someone even just a little bit. Anything you do can help save someones life is great. So lets get started!

1. Tip number one if you find someone is hurt and you don't know basic First Aid then the worst thing you can do is just sit there and do nothing. So calling an ambulance is something you could do to help them.

2. Now this tip is for people that are bleeding but are still conscious. Make sure their arm is elevated, now it's important here that is it elevated above the heart. This is help to slow down how fast the blood and if you apply some pressure to it will also help to do the same.

3. If the person is bleeding or have other injuries they might go into shock. It is a good idea to either lay them down sit them down on a chair. Now if  you have led them down it's a good idea to get a chair and put their legs onto it. This will help slow down the bleeding as well.

4. When dealing with burns and bumps it's important that you put them under the tap for 10 minutes 8 times for every 6 hours until it doesn't hurt. But some might need more medical attention if so call an ambulance.

5. For poisons make sure they sip milk (they should not jug it down) and call an ambulance straight away as they is no way to get it out. You might think throwing up is a good idea, but it isn't as it will burn their insides.

6. Splinter you should get them out straight away with some tweezers so that it doesn't create any infections. If it's still sore put a plaster on it to keep it clean.

7. Stings from bees are nasty and the worst thing you can do it to is try and use tweezers to take it out. As this makes more poison go into the skin. So use the edge of a ruler or a credit card and scrap it off.

8. When using a sling it's a good idea to sling as you see the person. What I mean by this is if they person has broken their arm and they feel the most comfortable position is to keep their arm by their side with their other hand holding it. Then wrapping the sling around it like that is a good idea as it still has some support. By moving it you could cause them more pain.

9. When dealing with splinters and stings when you have dealt with the problem it might be a good idea to put a plaster on them.

10. Something like sand can get into someones like. Most likely a child. If that does happen it's important to use Sterile eye wash solution. Tip their head up and to the side with the eye that needs treating and drop the wash into their eye from leaning it on the top of their nose.

Now these aren't all the things you learn from first aid. I hope they were helpful. Maybe by reading this it might of got you interested in doing a First Aid course yourself to get a little more insight into the dangers and how to mange them.

Thanks for reading this weeks blog. I hope you have enjoyed it!

Meg x

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