Christmas Time

We have all just finished Christmas and now starting a new year of 2016. So I thought I would do a Christmas blog about what kind of things I get up to. You may be thinking well what's so interesting about that? I shall tell you now. Me and my fiance have two Christmas, not because we are greedy but because we have a Christmas at my house with my family and then spend our second Christmas with his family. The reason why we do this is because we want to spend time seeing everyone and as our Christmas' are very different it's a lot of fun.

So as this is my blog thought I'd talk about what we do at my house for Christmas first. Normally people have there Christmas on 25th December but because my brothers live in different places it's a lot harder to fit everyone in on that day. So this year we had it the weekend before. So just depends when everybody is able to do it really. We do this thing called Secret Santa. Which for those of you that don't know what it is, it's where you pick a name out of a hat and that person you will buy a present for on the price range that you have all came up with. We do it a bit differently where my dad will sort out who has who on his app he has and before he dose so we message him telling him what we want within the price range of £20. Example this year I choose lush bath bombs, chocolate and a Disney CD. With that they will have a choice on what they get you out of the things you have said you want.

The day would start off with us having a nice breakfast and preparing the Christmas dinner. When waiting for the dinner which is normally around 1-2 we sit and chat and do what we want. When dinner is done we then play a game that my mum has brought that comes with the Christmas crackers normally. This year we played bingo which was fun! After that we have a mince pie and drinks then a board game of some kind. I chose Cluedo this year and it was pretty fun but we all lost which was so funny. After that we just chill really, but this year we watched the new star wars film. Then the next day we eat the leftovers.

Now you will find out the difference between my family Christmas and going to James'. First off there is no Secret Santa. They just buy presents like what you would do normally on a traditional Christmas. So we would wake up and open the stockings have breakfast and start to open the presents which normally finishes just before we have Christmas dinner. Then once Christmas dinner is over we play a game like we do at my house but normally it's something music related just trying to make a tune with bells. It's quite funny and entertaining. When that's all done we chill and chat till we go to bed. This year for boxing day we went to Granddad's house and had knee (Beef) stew which was so tasty.

So that's a little insight to what I get up to around Christmas time. I didn't go into too much detail as I don't want to bore you but I hope you got the gist of it.

What did you get up to this Christmas and do you have any traditions that you and your family do?

Meg x

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