Comic Con Merchandise

As some of you may know me and James went to Comic Con at the Cheltenham Racecourse. Click here if you want to find about more about what we got up to. I thought I would show you what I got from there as the stuff I brought I am so in love with and I think they are a great added touch to my bed room.

As you may know I am in love with The Hulk as a character. So when I saw this awesome picture I had to get it. I love how he's like half zombie it makes it such an unique art work and to be fair looks pretty bad ass. When I brought it the guy said that he covered the frame with some of his old comics, which I thought was such a good little added touch. Also, it dose make it look cool.

The first stall we went to we saw this man that was selling Artwork like the Harley in the picture and all of them had dripping paint on it. Which when we saw we loved because it was such a nice touch and meant that it was his own style. We were his first costumers ever! We made his day so we were pretty happy with that. He also said that we could keep the stand, which I thought was cool.

The walking dead is my favorite TV show at the moment as I love Zombie things. So when I saw this box covered in The Walking Dead comic books I had to get it. It looks so beautiful and with the gold framing made a nice touch to it. I put all of my jewelry in it and hair bands.  

At the stall that I got The Walking Dead box from they also had a pick a mix bag thing for £5 which at first I was really unsure if it would be any good or not. But once brought I looked inside and I was so happy that I got it. It came with a Captain America book mark, Cheater earrings, Bat earrings, Boba Fett necklace and Pokiball necklace. In another stall that we went to they had awesome hand made jewelry and I bought a Hulk necklace and a  Green Lantern ring.  

Going to Comic Con meant that I had to get a comic and as Hulk is my main man thought I should get one of him. I saw this lush comic of the Hulk mixed with Where All The Wild Things Are. Which as a child I loved seeing. So I thought this book not only gives character, an awesome story but brings happiness with childhood memories. 

We also brought a Harley and Joker Lego in a frame, but sadly couldn't get a picture of it because it's at James' house. But never the less it's going to look awesome in our new house when we move in together.  We did buy cupcakes too and they were so lush we ate them all. Which you can't really blame us for that..haha.

What Comic Con event do you recommend us going to next? What geeky event like Comic Con would you recommend us going to?

Meg x

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