Forest Holidays

So me and James recently went on a little trip away for the weekend for our anniversary. We stayed in a beautiful log cabin in the Forest Of Dean. Click here to see for yourself on how you can go about booking a little weekend away in a beautiful cabin.

As you can see in the picture the cabin was made out of a beautiful wood and it is off the floor so there is steps to get into there. As you get into the cabin there's a little hall way and a place to hang your coats and put your shoes. Then as you walk through another door it opens up to this big space where there is a living room with a TV and a small table. In the same room but just off it to make it feel like your in another room is the kitchen/dinning room area. The size of the kitchen was just right and it has a really nice finish to it. With the dinning table in the same room as the kitchen you could see outside to the gorgeous view and the deck chairs where you could sit outside on a little balcony. If you turn right in the cabin there is a lovely sized bath room with a bath/shower. Then next to that a bed room with two single beds and next to that a double bed bed room. Which the double room was pretty big and had a great view with it. Annoyingly I forgot to take pictures of the inside of the cabin but if you look at the link to the website you can see what it looks like.

When we got there we were greeted with a lovely welcome scrabble on the table and we then unpacked our things and settled in nicely. After we went for a walk around the place to see what was around and to see where we wanted to go the next day for a walk. Pretty much everything was walking distance and it was so lovely and peaceful. 

The next day we woke up and had a lovely lie in and straight after breakfast we went for a walk for about 2-3 hours. The walk was so lovely. I was so recommend going a walk if you go as it's so quiet and the fresh air really makes you feel good. We got back around 3-4 and put on a film and started dinner around 5-5:30. Here are some pictures of that...

James made is delicious mice and rice. So we sat and ate that looking at the beautiful view we had shown in the picture below.  

Around 6 our movie package had come and we put on Mad Max and ate some ice cream, chocolate and drank Fanta. Then we just sat and watched movies all night, it was a perfect end to the night and I couldn't of ask for anything else. 

Then the next day we a chilled day watching movies and eating whatever food we had left. We had booked Friday - Monday but we both had to be back for Monday so we stayed till dinner time on Sunday and that went we didn't have to rush out as well. Which was pretty nice.

I'd say though a little tip if you haven't been there before is that the pots and pans are under the oven. We didn't think of this so we freaked out a little when we couldn't see any but yet on the website it said there is some. 

I would also recommend looking at what they do have before going so you know what to bring and what not to bring I found that helped a lot and meant we brought less than we thought we needed to.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog, if you have been before what was your experience like? If not what place would you recommend us to go to next?

Meg x

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