B - Billy Elliot

On my 17th birthday my mum treated me with going to see the play called Billy Elliot for the first time. It was amazing, so I thought why not do it as my letter B of my A-Z April. If you don't like swearing then it's not a play that you would want to watch. They only use it because that's what language they used in that time. Which I don't think it's a big deal to be honest but a couple in front of us took their kids with them and they complained all the way through about how bad the language was. Which we didn't get as at was advertised saying that it had bad language, so proves that they didn't read it properly. So we had a little giggle about that afterwords.

The play was set in 1994 in a coal mining village of Evrington, East London. The only thing Eliot knew was working in a mine. Current family, widowed Jackie Elliot and his eldest son Tony work in the mine and Jackie's younger son Billy will probably take his place alongside his brother and father when the time comes. But their fellow miners are currently in a bitter labor dispute. Which is prolonging a strike since the company has no reason to give in to the wage demands. Billy is left to his own devices with his father giving him 50p for boxing class. However Billy doesn't like it and isn't very good at it instead he loves movement put to music and in the form of the girls' ballet class. Soon Billy ditched the boxing for ballet and he is very talented in it that he might have a shot into getting into ballet school. So Billy has to choose weather to follow in his family steps or his own.

This play really shows you the struggle that they had in those days with money and with stereotypes. If you were a man/boy you were expected to do manly jobs and provide for your family, also doing things like boxing or other types of sport. If you were a woman/girl you were expected to stay at home and look after your children and do things like ballet lessons.

I would really recommend going to see this play, it's a heartfelt, emotional, funny and exciting,With feeling all these emotions you will come out with a huge smile on your face because of how good it is.

If you've seen it before what did you think of it?
If not what play would you recommend for me to go see?

Meg x


  1. Is it still playing?

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  2. It should be still playing as it's a play that's on near enough every year!

    Thank you, I'll go and give it a look.

    Project Castaway

  3. Great post, I've been meaning to try to catch Billy Elliot when it comes through here.

    After reading your review I'm even more interested. Do you think it would interest my 13yo daughter? We are always trying to find new cultural opportunities to take the girls to.

    I will be back from time to time through the month to see what else you come up with :)

    Laith (apx 1712) visiting for April A-Z from Laith's Ramblings (http://laith.wordpress.com/)

  4. Well I would really recommend it!

    Yes I think she will love it, if she is into musicals and plays. Even if she doesn't it's still could be a lovely day out :)

    Lovely, thank you! I shall have a look at yours too!

    Project Castaway

  5. I haven't seen it, but of all the productions I've seen, I'd have to recommend Les Miserables. It was amazing.

    1. I have seen that done in amateur productions and they are pretty good. So I would so love to see done in London!

      Thank you for the recommendation.

      Project Castaway

  6. Well this is funny! I used a random number generator to pick a few blogs to visit today, and your is the second in a row to inform me that B is for Billy Elliot! I appreciate your longer synopsis, as I really didn't know much about it. Your neighbors who were offended by the CLEARLY ADVERTISED language remind me of a woman I was on a tour with once, who complained about the amount of walking involved, even though it was clearly spelled out in all the literature.

  7. Well I'm glad that it brought you over to my blog! Thank you for sharing that story with me, it is quiet funny haha.

    It's surprising the amount of people that don't read the whole description of things before attending them haha.

    Project Castaway