C - Cute ideas for your bedroom

Finding your bedroom a bit boring, want to add some cute things to it? Here are 5 things that I added to my room to make it look better and also how I wanted it. First off, I like to change things in my room a lot as I think of new things that might look nice in it and I also find new places that I would like things to go. Okay so let's get started....

1. Bunting, I am in love with bunting I think it's a really nice touch for a bedroom or maybe even a living room. It just gives your room some colour without being too much. The bunting which I have is really long so as you can see in the picture it hangs on my frame of my window. This is also a great way of putting it up without having to use nails or anything else like that. Saves time and money.

2. Photo frames. Memories are so important to me so I always take pictures wherever I go. I also get them printed out so that I can look around my room and see the great times I have had. It also helps to cheer me up when I'm down. I got a really nice photo frame from The Range, wasn't much at all and it looks really nice.

3. If you have a big space on your wall and you don't know what to fill it with but you also want it to look grown up. Then how about adding a cute canvas of something you are into or love. Like mine is Marvel. As I am a huge fan. I think it looks awesome in this space and because of the colour of my wall it really draws your eye into looking at it.

4. Pin boards are a great way of keeping your memories on show whilst looking nice as well. So on mine I have cinema tickets, post cards, key rings from the places I have been to and pictures of me and my friends.

5. Shelves are a great way of putting your things on and the good thing about them is that if you don't like where something is you can just change it and swap things around. So I have books, pictures and other memories things on there. Also, having things on a high shelve means you have more floor space for other things.

Which of these 5 things will you use in your room, or have you already got any of these?
What thing would you recommend to put in my room to make it look better?

Meg x


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  4. Those are fun colorful ideas. Best wishes for the greatest success in A-Z

  5. Aww thank you very much!