D - Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze

The Wii U have brought out an amazing game called Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze. You can play up to local co-op which is awesome because there aren't many multiplayer games being made anymore. But this is great fun for all ages. So a brilliant family game really, or to play with your friends. There is a story line with different stages with a number of levels per stage. The last level in each section is a boss fight and they are more challenging which makes the game more fun.

It was made in 2014 and it's got a side scroller video game developed by Retro Studios. The sound track is so lovely and uplifting with a happy adventure vibe. It has a very colour art style with interesting locations which makes it really appealing to the eye. Each level has hidden collectibles which encourages multiple play throughs in order to 100% the game. That's where the true challenge of the game comes from. Which adds to it being able to be played by all ages, because younger people can play it and enjoy it by it's simple game design. Where as older people can be challenged by the deep extra content, which can be easily looked over.

These are a lot of reasons to get the game. By playing it myself I really think it is a lot of fun and it's easy to understand but challenging at the same time so it keeps you on your toes. Also, I love the fact you can play different characters that from the Kong family. Having a choice of who you want to play as in a game really makes you feel more involved and because each character has their own traits it means it could effect how the game plays. The thing I don't like is that the first player always has to play Donkey Kong but that isn't the worst thing in the world. As overall the game play is amazing and I would really recommend this family friendly fast pace platforming adventure.

If you've played this game what did you think of it? Anything you agree or disagree with what I have said?
If you haven't played the game, what Wii U game would you recommend me to play?

Meg x


  1. Very cool!
    Thanks for the recommendation, with three kids of various ages (6-13) we are always looking for good multiplayer games, I had not heard about this one.

    Laith (apx #1712) visiting for April A-Z from Laith's Ramblings (http://laith.wordpress.com)

  2. Well I would so recommend it!

    It can be challenging but I think that's what makes it more fun.

    Also, Wii U one of the best consoles I've ever brought

    Project Castaway