G - Guardians Of The Galaxy

This film is an awesome marvel film which has a group of intergalactic criminals that are forced to work together to stop a the bad guy from taking control of the universe. This film was so well casted. The starring roles Chris Pratt, Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper. Everyone in it really made the film what it is and it really came out great. Which has got me excited to see the next one. I have to say my favorite character is Peter Quill played by Chris Pratt as he is so funny and has a great sense of no care in the world apart from saving the universe and his friends. If you have seen this film then you will get what I mean.

At the end of Avengers Age Of Ultron there was a scene to show that there is going to be another film soon. I'm pretty sure that's coming out this year as well. So I'm pretty excited to be seeing that as the first one was so good that I think it's pretty hard to beat. But knowing Marvel they won't fail us.

I think this film is great and I would highly recommend it to watch. If you love Marvel and super hero films then you will love it. It comes with the normal hilarious jokes with an interesting keep you on your toes plot line. It also really makes you feel for the characters and makes you really understand why they are who they are. I love it when they show back story on characters really helps to get to know them better and makes you feel more involved.

With the serious plot line it has hilarious jokes which is why it's considered a fan favorite.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog and stay tuned for tomorrows H of my A-Z blogging April.
What's your favorite Marvel film?

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