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Now I know what your thinking what  are you doing blogging about Just Dance for?.. Well let me tell you. Just Dance is a successful dance game that is on the Wii. It's has a hand held controller with motion censers so it can pick up on your actions.  It's a game that has loads of different songs on it to help to get you moving. It's a lot of fun and also helps to get your heart rate going without even realizing that you are doing exercise.

Now you can play this game just for fun with a friend or by yourself. It's up to 4 players. It's fun for all genders. But it dose seem more like a girly game but I think that is silly because why can girls just play this game when it's so much fun and the music can be enjoyed by both genders. So it shouldn't matter.

If you love a bit of a challenge or competition then you'll love this game as it has just that. You can go back and try and bet your last score. Or simply play with others and try and beat each others score and different songs have different difficulty. So if you want to challenge yourself a bit then go for the higher difficulty songs.

Having a game that is good and fun with exercise elements to it is great. If you go on the the sweat mode it's about getting a certain amount of sweat and songs done and it'll really help to keep you going on with your day.

Each game comes with different songs. So if you are bored of the songs or want to hear and dance to different songs, then you will have to buy the other games too. But that will only create more fun!

Hope you have enjoyed this blog, what's your favorite dance game?

Meg x

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  1. Visiting during the #Challenge. I was happy to just dance this afternoon while blog hopping from North Carolina. Thanks!