K - Killer crime story (The Vashnishing of Ethan Carter)

If you love mystery and crime stories then you will love this game called The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. You play as a character called Paul who is a detective who receives a disturbing letter from a little boy called Ethan Carter who has vanished in the wake of a brutal murder. Paul quickly figures out that it might not be the only local murder worth looking into. Click here to see the trailer.

The game play consists of you walking around finding clues and things that might help you find out who the murderer is. It's an open world game so you can explore a lot. Whilst you are exploring the environment you will come across things that you can interact. From reading letters that help set the scene.

As you play through the game the over all story line becomes more apparent, as you start the game with little information for what you are meant to do. It really makes you feel like you are the character and part of the game. If you are someone that is watching someone else play this game then it makes it feel like you are watching movie as it it really engaging and with excellent casting and story line. You won't be bored.

It is a really beautiful game so when playing this I couldn't help but look at everything. With it looking so good it makes it look really realistic too. I would love to live in a place like in the game. It had things like great water affects making it look more realistic and the sound of the wind making the trees creek. You are consistently surrounded by stunning landscapes, so it truly is a beautiful game.

This game will really keep you on your toes and each place you go to you find out more things and unlock new achievements. It may be a short game but it is so good that it doesn't matter. Also, I got it for £7 on the PS4 store. So it's not expensive at all. My favorite aspect of the game that I think you will enjoy is the studying of murders mechanic. This involves you finding clues in an area to put the murder scene together and are then rewarded with seeing the events that happened before hand. It has a great atmosphere, but I won't go into detail about that as it's better finding that out yourself.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog! If you have played this wonderful game, what are your thoughts on it? Anything I have missed?
If not what indie games would you recommend me to play?

Meg x

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