N - New Leaf (Animal Crossing)

Animal Crossing is one of my favorite games of all time. When the first game Wild World came out I got it straight away and fell in love with it. But since then they have brought out a few other Animal Crossing games. So today I'll be talking about one of my favorites New Leaf. The game came out in 2012 and was a big hit.

What makes New Leaf different to the others is that you are the mayor of the town and you can build things to put into it making the town really your own. I think this is a brilliant concept. Being able to design your town and do the things you can do in any other Animal Crossing game is great as you can still catch to people, earn money and build your house how you want it. So with having all the great things from the other games with a added bonus of being able to be mayor. They also added an extra area where you can go across the sea and go to the island. When you are there you can do the same things like catching bugs and fishing but they have more exotic animals and fruit there. You can also bring what you have found to your town so then others in your town can enjoy those things too.

Now lets talk about the things they kept the same like interacting with other people that live in your town and sometimes when you talk to them you can do quests like trying to find who's lost item is it or for you to come round to their house. You still need to earn money to upgrade your house and pay off your rent. So by doing this they have kept that the same as well so you can sell shells, fruit and other things. You can also decorate your house with either items that you have brought or have been given by your friends.

There aren't many things that I don't like about the game but there are some so here they are. I get that you have to pay rent and stuff which is fine. But I just don't like how much rent it is even to start off with when there is only so much in the town you can get and sell. So having that cheaper would be great. But I don't find it such a big problem to be honest. Another thing is that you can't have a job and be paid for it. Which I think would be a cool element to the game and also making it more realistic. Yet again it's not a huge problem but just something I thought I wanted to talk about to you guys and also see your options on this.

What are your views on this game?
If you haven't got it what game would you recommend me to play for the DS?

Meg x

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    Sounds like a cool game. I have a friend who played the original. She had a hard time finding other players to "trade" items with, which was why she stopped playing.