S - Splatoon

As you might of guessed I am a huge fan of the Wii U and one of the games that I have on it is Splatoon. I love this game a lot it has a lot of elements to it. So I thought today I'll talk to you about it as my letter S of A to Z challenge. This game is so good that when I first got it I played it for 5 hours straight. Enjoy!

Me and James first expirence of the game before we got a Wii U was playing it at Euro Gamer. It was so good that we really wanted to have it and luckily we got it for Christmas. It's a game where you are in teams of 4 and the aim is to get the most paint of your teams colour splattered on the floor of the arena. But they don't make it easy for you as the weapon you have you can shoot people and kill them so you can get them out of the way for a bit. You do re-spawn within a couple of seconds. When the timer is up the team with the most ground covered in their colour paint wins and depending how much you, yourself has covered depends on your points. The more points you have the more that will be added to your level and once you've filled the meter you will go up a level. You can play in different map's too, there is always a two that you can get a chance to play on but over a certain amount of time it changes to different maps. I feel like this keeps things more interesting and means you won't get bored of a map.

To make this game more fun they have added an arcade sort of area where you can go into different shops and buy different weapons and pieces of clothing. Depending on what clothing you have chosen depends on what it gives you, different t-shirts, bottoms and shoes give you different strengths. With the different weapons depends on how the paint is splattered and how strong they are. Depending what weapon you choose depends on what strengths and disadvantages you have.

There is also a part in the game which is like a story mode where you go to and fight off the enemies in the different levels. The higher the level you get to the harder it is. The more levels you do the more levels you can unlock and the more fun you can have! It acts as more as a single player expirenced for those who don't want to play online.

The game is a lot of fun and it's so unquie. It is worth getting a Wii U for. With it being so fun means I get a bit of game rage and I do take it a bit seriously haha.

What our your thought on this game? Any Wii U games that you think I should try out?

Meg x

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