Z - Zombies (The Walking Dead)

The Walking Dead has to be my favourite TV show and it is a big hit. With amazing acting to the amazing script and story lines. The Walking Dead starts off with a guy called Rick who is in hospital as he just came out of a coma. Not knowing where he is or where anyone else is, he starts to explore. Scared and alone he finds out that the world isn't the same anymore. There are creatures which look like humans but don't act like them. They always go to attack and eat people. With Rick discovering this, he finds a family who help him out. That is the start of Ricks journey to finding out what these creatures are and how he is going to get through this.

As the story line goes on you meet more characters and you get to see how Rick develops relationships with these characters. I love the fact the more episodes and seasons go on you come to a more understanding of the characters. It's like you really know them yourselves. My favourite character is a guy called Glenn. He's not the strongest character but he does know how to have a joke and he has a lot of knowledge.

Sadly I'm not up to date with The Walking Dead. I am at the end of season 5 so I'm not too far behind. But I was watching it online and the adverts and buffering got to annoying for me so I stopped watching it. So I decided from this the best way is to wait for DVD and watch it then. It's a same I don't have the American Netflix as I think it has it on there.

This TV show really shows development well. For example when they start out finding the Zombies, (or Walkers, what they call them in the show) they are so scared and jumpy all the time. But over time they become less scared and more able to kill the Zombies faster and better. They also show this with the Zombies themselves as they show them stronger in the first season and as the seasons go on they show signs for decay.

I would really recommend you guys watching this TV show it's a great watch and I never get bored of watching it. Let me know in the comments what you think of this TV show? Any show you would recommend me watching?

So this is the end of A to Z challenge, hope you have enjoyed it! I've enjoyed it a lot. It was tough at times but I did it and I'm glad I did. See you next month with it being back to normal doing three blogs a month. Thank you and see you next time!

Meg x

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  1. Glas you had fun with the challenge, I agree, it's not easy lol