A to Z Challenge - My Experience

Last month every day apart from Sundays I did the A to Z challenge with my best friend Alice. What the A to Z challenge is, is where you blog about things starting with each letter of the alphabet. For example A for Antman review, B for baking and C for Cute ideas for your bedroom. I did a blog post giving you more information about what it's all about and what you have to do. With doing this I decided to let you know how I found it.

February was the month that I found out about doing this A to Z challenge as this person on one of my blogging pages that I am apart of on Facebook said about it (can't remember who sorry). I thought this would be so much fun and I can be so creative about it. So I told Alice and Millie about it as well and they decided she would do it with me (I did ask Paige as well but she was too busy to do it). I found doing it with a friend is a lot more fun and you can see what each others ideas are and help each other out on letters that you are stuck on.

With finding this out so far in advance I decided to start planning out what letters I would do for what blog. I found this at first quiet easy but then when it got to letters such as Q and Z I found that hard. Because of that I changed my mind of what I wanted my letters to be so many times. I found that I could think of loads of blogs for letters such as H and C. This made me get annoyed as I really wanted to do it and I didn't want people to be bored of my content that I would be putting up soon. I kept having to remind myself that it's just a little bit of fun and that people don't really have to like what I put up as long as I enjoyed writing it myself. That really helped me when thinking of other blogs to write.

I was talking to Alice about how we can do it so we don't miss a blog post but we still have time to write them all. So we both came up with the idea of writing some of the blogs before hand so then they are ready to post and that we wouldn't have to stress if they are not ready to be posted or not on the day. This really helped with getting all the blogs done and made me enjoy the whole thing a lot more as I wasn't so stressed with it all.

When it came to the month of April it started off really well getting loads of feed back from people and really enjoying my content. I loved how each of my letters had totally different blogs like for example for my C I had 'cute ideas for your bedroom' and D 'Donkey Kong Tropical freeze. I felt like this made my blog look more interesting and meant that people could read different things that I would put everyday. But as it went on I started to do more blogs about Games and Films. At first I thought I should stop doing all these film and game reviews as it's just boring seeing the same thing. Thinking about it more I realized that the reason why I was doing so many of those kinds of blogs was because I enjoy them so much so it shouldn't matter whether there are more than one of game and film reviews. After that I felt like my content that I was putting was so much better as I was enjoying it and putting more effort into it. Now and again I would put something that was slightly different but other than that film and game reviews was what I loved doing best.

With all of this I felt like the A to Z challenge made me realize what I enjoy blogging and what I should keep up with and what I should stop doing. So I am so glad I did it, I felt like it was a great experience to do. I've been blogging for just over a year and for new bloggers like me it's a great way of seeing what you like to blog and what you don't. Also, you get a little insight to who you are too!

So over all I did find it hard to do. I couldn't do it everyday, but for one month it was fine and I might do it again next year. Just depends on what I'm doing really. I did enjoy myself a lot and I think Alice did to by the sounds of things. So I would recommend doing it if you want to, but be prepared to find it hard at times and it's fine to not know what you want to write at times too. It could be a learning curve for you, but it could be just something fun for you do in your spare time at the end of the day.

There is no real for this being in April either. I just did it in that month because that's when others were. But if you would rather do it in August or November or any other month for that matter. Then do it. Or as an idea if you find it too hard you could do one half of A to Z one month and the other another month or however you want to do it really.

I hope you enjoyed the A to Z challenge and this blog about how I found it. See you next week with another blog!


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