Beyond Two Souls

Recently James brought us a game called beyond two souls. I hadn't heard of it before but James had and he heard it was pretty good. But I wasn't sure, we gave it ago anyway. And... Oh... my... goodness it's a great game. I would really recommend it. You might know the game called Heavy Rain. It's made by the same people. They are both similar in game play but different in ways like story line but I would recommend to get both games really.

The game is about a girl called Jodie Holmes, a young woman who holds supernatural powers through her psychic link to a mysterious invisible entity. As you go through her life you come across different challenges and choices that may determine the later events in the game. At the end of each chapter of the game it'll show you what you and others have chosen. Like what they do on games such as The Walking Dead. This is a great way of showing you what other people have chosen and if you did the same as most people or went a different way. That system also lets you know what you can do in future play throws. I love this element in games, I think it makes it more fun and it's like your playing with others that are around the world.

At the start of the game you can choose weather you want to play two player or one and what player plays as who. Adding to this you can choose how difficult you would want to play it based on your gaming experience. I played it in two player which was fun and also me and James changed who we played so then we both had a go at playing both characters. Another great thing about this game you can play it chronologically or as the game wants to you play it. It's nice to have it as a choice. We played it as the game suggested. And next time I want to play it chronologically.

At the end of the game you can have a lot of different out comes, so means this game you can play over and over again. Which is a great element to the game which means when the game ends you can re play it a different way. All you are doing really is quick time events so it's more about the story you create with your actions rather than complicated game play. Also the quick time events makes it more tense and realistic because you have to choose things fast like you would in real life.

This game is beautiful and has so many great elements to it that keeps you on your toes and makes you want to play more and more. Once played if you liked it as much as I did you'll be so happy that you've experienced it and think it's an amazing game. With simple game play, quick time events, great story line and just an over all beautiful game it will make you sad, laugh and get your heart pumping with so much adrenaline that'll make you want to play it again!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog post. See you next week!


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