This is how Secondary School was for me

Secondary School isn't for everyone and I am one of those people who didn't get on with it that well. I don't regret doing it as I think learning is a very important thing in life and I am very grateful that we are able to do it for free in the UK. But learning isn't all what school is like. You don't just get to sit and learn things. There's making friends, finding out what you want to be as an adult, grades (exams) and just simply getting through it because you have to, for a good 5 years. Or more depending if you stay on or not.

Me and my brother Will on my first day of Secondary School.

Me, Ali and Georgia on our last day of school.

First off I'm going to talk to you about what lessons I liked/didn't and what I took for GCSE options. When I started in year 7 I loved Science and Art a lot and didn't like Games and English. But the only reason why I liked Science is because I had a good teacher and the lessons were fun. As the years went on I changed my mind so many times on what I liked and didn't like but English was the one subject that I never liked because of my Dyslexia which I'll get onto in a bit. I always like Art though as I was able to express myself and draw whatever I liked, but I liked drawing out side of school more as I was able to do more of what I liked to do and it was a lot less pressure not having to be marked on. As I got into year 9 and 10 I loved Product Design and Media. I didn't like English and Science. I got a bit too obsessed with Product Design, and I still love the subject till this day but I wouldn't want to do it as a job. So this brings us to my options that you take in year 10 ready for your GCSE's I took Product Design, Music, Media and Art (I do wish I took Drama now though instead of music). I didn't do the best in my exams but I did well considering, I got C's in everything apart from R.S, Science and Music. Music was the one I was most annoyed about because I got an A* in my course work. I must of done so badly in the exam which brought my grade far down. That's what happened to most of my subjects really I did really well in the course work having nothing below a B and when it came to the exam it brought my grades. So I'm pretty glad they had course work when I was at school other wise I don't know how I would of coped and got even 1 C.

I started Secondary School really struggling with reading and writing, my hand writing has always been neat but I find writing letters really hard. Because of this I can't write fast as I won't be able to form letters properly and they just look like someone has just scribbled on my page. Also I read really slowly and the words move around on the page as I read. This is because I have Dyslexia which is quiet a common thing for people to have, but in the early years no one and not even myself knew that I had it. I just thought that I was bad at English and that I was stupid as everyone has what I have. That was not the case at all. Finding out that I have Dyslexia so last on meant I missed out on a lot of help that I would of gotten. I only got tested for it when I was in year 10. Which I think is so late as that's when I was starting my GCSE's. But all considering I think I did well enough. I got my C in English and Maths. That was all I was bothered about anyway as they look for that when getting a job. So I was so chuffed when I got my results seeing that and going I deserved this by putting so much work into it. I did have to put more effort into my revision and stuff than others, not saying that others didn't have to put in a lot of work themselves. But for me to be at the level cased as average I had to put more into it. All of this didn't help because I would struggle so much in lessons and then teachers wouldn't like me either because I wasn't good at the subject or because I was hard to teach when I couldn't do all the things others could in my class. Regardless of all of this though I did move from bottom set of English to 3rd. I think one of the reasons was because the teacher didn't like me very much, but this did mean I was able to get my C as they told me being in bottom set meant that I wouldn't be able to. Which I didn't really understand why that would be the case.

When they moved me from the sets I was so annoyed because I was so happy being in that set as I felt like I was clever and that I was able to do the stuff. Yes the things I was doing was easy for me but that's why I liked it so I didn't have to put so much effort in all the time. It was like a little break from that. When they moved me I was a bit naughty as well as I really didn't want to move class, I didn't turn up to the first couple of lessons and then I would also go back to my other class and refuse to go to my lesson. I was only like this because no one understood me and my option of it all. They moved me in the middle of year 10 so the start of my GCSE's and that panicked me so much but the teachers didn't seem to care or listen. So I felt like my only way of showing/telling them was to be naughty. I know now that I shouldn't of skipped class and always turn up late of purpose. But I think they should of done it a better way instead of like throwing me out without discussing it with me.

I wasn't a very popular kid at school. I was always the one that changed friendship groups as I felt like I didn't fit in anywhere. But in a way it was quiet good and fun because it meant I met a lot of new people each year. I am the type of person that loves meeting new people. I might be shy at first but when you get to know me I'll really open up. I thought at first that having loads of friends was such an important thing. But I realized it wasn't it was all about having the friends that are really your friends and a few is all you need. When you get into the later years you soon find who your true friends are anyway, most of them you just fall out of touched with and others you might have an argument over something. Either way you find out. But as long as you have a couple of really good friends that's all that matters really when it comes to getting through school.

I feel like the education system isn't very good as the base how clever you are based on how much you remember from a whole year of learning in a small time gap. Depending what percentage you and everyone else gets depends on your grade. Which doesn't really give you the grade that you should of gotten I don't think. Yes exams work for some people but they are more just a lot of pressure for kids and their future shouldn't depend on what grade they got when they were in school.

Time for some pictures

Pictures of me and some of my friends in year 10

Some pictures from my prom night

Last day of school

Over all my school experience wasn't that bad just these are the things that really stand out for me which I think is a big shame. But I feel that it makes me who I am today so I will learn from it not dwell on it. As you can see in the pictures I was over all pretty happy with my friends and school. Everyone has things they don't like about school really. But friends and what they did for me by helping me get through it is how I made it! So thank you to you all. You are all wonderful.

See you next week with another blog.


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