Civil War

Now I know this film has been out for ages now, but it was such a good film that I had to do a review on it. Civil war is one of Marvel best films for far, so greatly made and the acting was amazing. I would say that you should watch this film and even more so if you are a Marvel fan like me. At the same time as having a main villain but they are also fighting against each other which makes the story line more interesting and adds more conflict. With that it gives the audience the idea of having to choose sides between Iron Man or Captain America. As they are seem as the 'main leaders' of each side. As they are the two that started the conflict and are the two that people have to decide which team to be on in the film.

Political interference in the Avengers' activities causes a fight between former allies Captain America and Iron Man. With awesome battle scenes and loads of different Marvel characters old and new it makes for a epic movie. Such as Ant-man, Spider-man, Black Pantha and many more. I love it when we get introduced to new characters in the films as it really shows how small that Marvel world is.

Spider-man really impressed me in this film as I really feel like he is the part of what I believe him to be. Nervous, teenager who is nerdy and always says things at the wrong time that aren't even relevant to the situation that they are in. I found that in the Amazing Spider-man films they didn't show this very well as he was showed as very cocky and too 'rebel like' for how I see him. Yes Andrew Garfield is an amazing actor but he acting wasn't showed during those films as the writing was just poor. But Marvel really showed in Civil War how the comics meant for Spider-man to be, I was very impressed. Tom Holland did a great job and I would love to see him as Spider-man again.

They added a new character that I have never met before and I haven't read any of the comics for either. So when I saw Black Pantha I was super happy to see what he would be like and I was very happy with it. He was just how I imagined him to be and I love his 'costume' it really showed how light and fast he was. I also loved the fact we got to see him do some fighting, he is a pretty bad ass character. I really hope they do a film just all about his back story. I would go to see that in the cinema.

I was supersized to see Ant-man in this film, but in a good way. Thought it added a bit of comedy to the film and I loved the Ant-man film. He had it cool yet bad ass wit about him. Which that is one of the things I loved about him in the film. Not much else to say about him really other than I'm glad he was in the film.

Now down to what team I am on. Now I have thought about this a lot. I was team Iron man because of everything he had been through you can tell that he was only doing it all to protect everyone and trying to keep the world together. But then on the other hand America had a point in that the government weren't really doing the right thing and that they were in the wrong. Now I could go into a lot more detail but if you watched the film you will get what I mean. If not then I wouldn't want to spoil anything for you. So at the moment I am undecided. Which is annoying, but this summer I am going to read the comic books so then I think I will get a better mindset on which side is the side to be on for me.

Hope you have enjoyed this weeks blog. Which side are you on?
See you next time for another post.


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