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A month or two ago I went to the Racecourse for a business show, telling everyone about the new building that me and my parents will be opening for at the end of this month called Create on the Square. Whilst we were there we met these people talking about Give as you live which is such an awesome thing to do. Just being able to buy stuff online and give money to charity without having to spend more money is a great way of doing it. Also, it's very easy to do.

Create on the Square we are working with our other company called Cheltenham Co-working CIC. They are all about getting the community together and getting ideas from the people within that to help make the area better. Head over to both of the websites to find out more, just by clicking on the names through a link. 

With the company being a CIC it meant that we might have been able to raise money for it. So we spoke to a guy called Greg and he told us all we needed to do and he got the rest sorted and we are now on the website as a fund that you can raise money or as you shop. So if you are interested and you would like to raise money for the CIC then please do so. If there is another cause you want to raise money for go for that instead. 

So how does Give as you live work you may ask...? Well it’s a shopping and price comparison website with a heart. You can shop for products from thousands of leading online retailers, you can use their price comparison tool to ensure you get the best price and even save money by using the exclusive offers and deals available on the site. Just by shopping online you can support us and raise a free donation every time! Sign up today for free. Give as you Live is a comprehensive fundraising hub supporting thousands of charities to raise limitless donations and increase supporter engagement through its range of fundraising solutions. They say it's as easy as 123 and it really is.

Step 1 - Shop at over 4,000 store who are signed up to Give as you Live

Step 2 - Search for your favourite store on Give as you Live and click to 'shop now' - you'll then be directed to the store where you can make your purchase as normal.

Step 3 – You’re done! You've made your purchase through your chosen store and they will donate a % to us and the best of it is didn't cost you any extra. 

I really think this is something that everyone should be doing. As it's not hard and I have done it myself. Although lately I haven't been doing as much online shopping as I normally would I still have raised some money for a good cause and that's what matters. If you have a couple of minutes then please sign up for free today and start making money for who you would like to choose. You'll really be surprised on how much money you will raise and before you know it it'll be a year past and you would have raised so much that you would be shocked and happy with the result. 

To get started please visit:

I hope you got something from this blog post, see you next week for another.


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