London Trip - With Ali

Recently me and Alice went to London for 2 days and one night. It was such a great experience that I thought I would tell you what we got up to. Before we went we made sure that we would book things in advance so that we weren't stressed when we got there. That worked out perfectly for us. We booked our travel, travel cards to travel around London and tickets to see Matilda.

We set off on the 25th June at about 8.40 to arrive at the bus station for 9.00 so we would be there early to make sure we were sat next to each other. Good thing we did get as early as we did as it was a full bus. We also brought breakfast for the journey and some snacks to keep us going. But to be fair to us we didn't eat all of the snacks so we had some for the way back as well. We got into London about 11.30-12 and we headed to the bus stop. Annoyingly the bus never turned up and we were waiting for a long time for it and we both started to panic. We were so glad that our travel tickets could be used for any transport. So we got the tube, and using Ali's trusty new app that she has on her phone we knew what tube to get to get us to the right places. Which was so handy and we used it for the whole trip. We did a bit of shopping before going to the Theater Cafe that our friend Ellie told us about it was such a cute place to go to. We were super hungry by then so we grabbed a bite to eat and drink. It had such a great atmosphere with musical music in the background and happy faces everywhere. It was good to go to a nice friendly cafe. Then we started to think this weekend was going to be amazing and it really was.

Just before going to the cafe we looked around and saw a load of GAY PRIDE things and we couldn't resist taking pictures and giving them some money to help contribute. It is such an amazing thing for people to do, gay or not, to just experience happy people being proud of being themselves, really put me in a good mood.

After all of that we thought it would be best to go and find our hotel that we stayed in to rest for a bit and get ready for Matilda. On our way out we decided to go to Pizzia Express for dinner. Ali ordered this lush Margarita pizza which she let me try and it was lush! When I looked at the menu I saw Calamari and thought I'll have that with some chips, when I asked the lady if I could have that I didn't understand what she was really saying but the food came and I wasn't really that impressed. The Calamari was good, not the best that I've tried but the chips were like little balls of potato and they just tasted like the cheap potato waffles you get from Tesco. If I wanted something that tasted like that I wouldn't of gone out for a meal. Never the less I had great company and I wasn't really that hungry anyway. Plus Matilda was so good that it made up for it. The music made me want to sing along and it had a lot of funny moments in it. It's different to the film but still amazing. Only thing that annoyed me was that there were these girls in front of us that kept turning around and staring at us, trying to be sly. But they weren't, and one girls hair was really big, which wouldn't of been a problem but every time she moved I couldn't see. Other then that had a great time. After that we went straight back to the hotel to sleep.

The next day was a big shopping day, we decided to go to Oxford Street as it was close and the shops there are great. Brought a few nice things when I got home I realised how much money I had spent. I was pretty shocked. But it's okay to treat yourself now and again, well that's what I told myself anyway. One of the best shops was the Disney store it looked so amazing. I'll show you how amazing it is in pictures below. So If you haven't been there yet I would so go there next time you are in London or when you visit. We also went to Urban Outfitters to get cute photo booth pictures which our cute to keep as a thing to look back on of the trip. Ali took a picture of it when she put it on her pin board here it is. Cute right?

At around 4.20 we decided to go and get the tube to where the bus station was to get home. Before we got the bus we decided to get McDonolds for dinner and to eat it on the bus on the way home. When we got there we were annoyed because the bus man told us we weren't allowed to take the hot food on the bus. Which it wouldn't of been such a problem if we knew before hand and we could of eaten it whilst we were waiting. The fact people were bringing on hot drinks as well annoyed us more. But nevertheless when we got home it didn't matter anymore as we were just happy to be off the bus after 3 hours and to get some rest. Still annoys me a bit though thinking about it, but at least we know for next time I guess.

So that was our trip. It was such a great trip. If you ever get a chance to go to London I would recommend you to go. But we only went for one night I would recommend more of a weekend stay because we had to carry our stuff around with us all weekend and our backs ached. I'm just glad that the weekend was so good that it didn't matter as much. We did say though that we would go for longer next time.

We filmed the whole trip so if you want to see that subscribe to our YouTube channel and it will be up this month.

Ali did a blog post all about the play Matilda so if you want to read that click on her name and it'll take you straight to her blog. You can find out more about the play and the characters. It's a really great post. Really enjoyed reading it.

See you next week for another blog.


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