First time to Madeira

I had never been to Madeira before so when I got asked to go with James' family I was super excited as I love traveling to new and different places. This place was beautiful, with lush views and great company the week was amazing. So I had to blog about it to tell you guys what we got up to. Maybe I will convince some of you to go there at some point in your life.

So first off we went on a mini bus to the air port really early in the morning on Saturday 6th August. It felt like it took for ages for me as I felt sick. But it was only 2-3 hours. After I ate something I did feel better so I was happy I ate. The plane took about 3 and a half hours and the plane food wasn't very nice. So I was super hungry and made it worse because the plane was delayed for an hour. When we got off the plane we got on another mini bus that only took us half an hour to get to the place we were staying at. The views were amazing and it made me super excited for the holiday ahead. Even though I was super tired.

The villa had three rooms up stairs and a bath room. Down stairs it had a living room/dinning room/kitchen in one and another bed room and bath room. Out side there was a table which is where we ate most of the time and a swimming pool which we also spent most of our time in cooling off. As the weather was very hot. 

 On one of the days we went down to the harbor where everyone that went last time to this place said about the fish there with banana which apparently was lush. I'm not much of a fish person so I had this lush Chicken dish with tomato sauce, rice, chips and veg. It was lush! As we walked to this place where we got food the streets were filled with recycled things made into other things like fish and bunting. I loved that every street was something different and new. It looked so pretty. To get there we took a train, it was super hot but the views made it worth it and we weren't on there for long. Where we sat for lunch we could see the place where we were staying up as you look up at the mountain. 

On the chill days we would have breakfast and get into the pool to have a swim because about 2-3 that was the prime time for the heat. We would have lunch and play pointless board game. Sometimes we took a walk up to where the shop and the main building was. Either to get food, eat lunch, play mini golf or pool. It was great that when we wanted to and had some time we were able to play pool and mini golf. We thought we would play a lot more than we did. But never the less it was fun. 

At the cafe in the main building we ate there a few times and the food there was great I had something different each time and it was worth it. Trying the different foods they had. But the best food we had is when we went to the posh restaurant and most of us had Beef Skewers they were seasoned with garlic and herbs. With that we had chips, rice and salad. I would so go there again. The food may of been pricey but it was so lush that I couldn't not have it again.

Another place we went to was the main town and it had the usually shops like H & M and others like that but we wanted to explore the places that we don't have here. So we went to an Art Gallery which was filled with beautiful Art pieces and James brought one of them. It was a printed version of the real thing but still it did look amazing. It was a thing that you would really picture Ja having. As you walked around there were a lot of doors that had been painted on. So I took a picture of my favorite ones. It got to a point that we were hungry so we decided to go get some food and I have pasta which was really nice and fresh. After we had an Ice cream I had a coconut one, it was well needed. Then we walked around looking at the things that were around. J decided he wanted another Ice Cream but a proper one so we had to walk all over just to get one. By this point I was super tired and wanted to go back to the villa. In the end we found one and then headed back. Me and J were super hot that we both got into the pool straight away. It did the trick. 

We came home on the 13th and the way home was a lot faster for me. Came home very tired but very happy with the holiday. I'm so grateful to of been able to go. So thank you to you all for the great company and a great time.

This holiday was amazing, and I filmed some of the stuff we did as well so if you want to check it out click here and you'll go straight to my YouTube account.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. See you next week for another blog post.


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