Sorry I've been away for a while been pretty busy. But I'm back to carry on what I love doing BLOGGING! This blog post is so you get more of an idea of why I love colouring books so much and why I love the ones I have more importantly. So if you are interested in that then please read ahead.

Querkles is a colouring book that is a quirky way of colouring in. Using numbers it forms a picture of a person. I love this colouring book even though it is a very big size so I wouldn't want to take it out and about I still get a lot of use out of it. I love the way that the more you do the more you can do of the picture and you can start to guess who it might be of. If you are really into art then I think this is a colouring book that is for you. It's easy and fun at the same time. I find it so relaxing and satisfying to colouring in all of the numbers in different colours. When I think colouring books I don't really think colouring with numbers that be as fun as it is. But it really is. It's great as well not having to think about weather I am in the lines or if I am doing it right and if the colours are the right colours. Because there isn't a right on wrong way of doing it really. 

I love comic books so when James got me this for my birthday I was so over the moon. It's a classic book that has a lot of different comic book covers to colour in. What I love about this as well it gets your imagination going with that the rest of the comic book is about. I have done a few of the pages and they are so much fine to do. It even feels like a comic book when you hold it. Which gives me so much happiness and joy. So if you are someone that loves comic books and colouring then this colouring book might be for you. It's also great for both genders. 

This colouring book has the most beautiful illustration. It has a lot of plants, pretty patterns and animals. Sorry my picture isn't a great quality to show you what it looks like, it's called Tropical Wonderland if you want to buy it. This one really draw my eye in as it's really pretty and I love animals and plants so looking at the different pages is great. It has a lot of pages so it will take a long time before you finish it. So if you are someone that is into that kind of thing then this is the colouring book that you might want to get. It's also a great way of ending your day on a clam note.

I love Alice in Wonderland and this colouring book is all about that. It has the most amazing illustrations and as you go through the book it tells the story of Alice in Wonderland. Which I think is a great added touched that none of the other colouring books have. It is very detailed which I love and has so many pages in it to colour. If you are someone that loves or likes Alice in Wonderland then this is probably the colouring book for you.

Colouring books aren't normally in the style of magazines but this one is and I love it as it's small enough to put it into your bag as it's not too thick. It is am easy colouring book to have as you can get it in any super market or WHSmith's and it may be very detailed the drawings are have big enough spaces so that you are able to colour in a lot easier.

I love the Alice in wonderland films and books, so when James got me this I fell in love with it and it has the most beautiful illustrations it in. The best part of this colouring book is that as you go through the pages it tells the story of Alice in wonderland. I think this is a great little thing that they have added to the book that makes it unique to other colouring books. 

I love traveling to different places and Paris is one of the places that I have been to. This colouring book has lots of different places in Paris to colour and has a lot of different things that represent Paris. I haven't coloured in much of this book but I will soon, It's just quiet a thick book. It's a book for people that love Paris or travel, but I wouldn't take it on your travels with you as it's too big for that. None the less I love this colouring book and it's a great asset to my collection. 

Now if you wanted a colouring book that you could take everywhere with you then this is a great colouring book to have. It has a lot of pages but they are really small and detailed. With each page comes with a quote about what each page means. I love that added touch to it. It also helps to release any stress or anxiety that you might be having so being the size that it is, is great so then if you ever go anywhere you can just pop it into your bag and take it out when you need it. Or if your just bored, like we all get from time to time.

See you next week for another blog post.


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