If I stay

Recently me and my mum watched a love film called If I Stay. We had been wanting to watch it for ages ever since we saw an advert of it on TV. But we didn't get to see it in the Cinema and we didn't know when it was going to be on DVD. The other week I was looking at Amazon seeing what DVD I wanted to buy as I set aside some money each month to buy some as a little treat for myself. As I was scrolling through I saw this film and it was a really good offer too. £5 I think it was, so I had to get it. Amazon are really good with bargains.

If I Stay is a beautiful film made by the same people that did the Note Book and me and mum both love the Note Book. It's about how life changes in an instant for this young girl called Mia Hall after a car crash puts her in a coma. She has an out-of-body experience which then makes her decide whether to wake up and live her life (which has had a lot of changes in it after the accident). The choice is hers if she wants to go on. The character is played by Chloe Grace Moretz who dose an amazing job. As you watch her in the coma the films takes you back to events that happened before the accident to show you what her life was like and how they got to that point.

Although this film is very good I felt the boy friend (Adam) was a bit annoying and whinny and yeah maybe his character is meant to be like that. For me personally it just got very annoying him over reacting over a lot of little things. Maybe I'm over thinking it a bit but I still found him a bit annoying. I think I need to see him in more stuff to really find out if I like him as an actor or not.

On a positive note I feel that Chloe did an amazing job in this film and that I think it's the best she has done in her acting so far. She really made me feel the emotions and troubles that the character was going through. It made me relate back to my life and what if that was happening to me, would I have done the same thing. The way she spoke and connected with the other actors was great too. I could really feel the kind of relationship that the directer was trying to betray. With that it help me to engage with the other characters and made me get to know them better. I think that is a hard thing to do in 2 hours. As in life it takes a lot longer than that to get to know someone. But they have done a good job in showing you all the things you need to know about the characters to get to know them enough for the film.

This film is one of those films that you want to watch with tissues as it is sad. But it is also a girly film. Although I do think boys can enjoy it too. Stereotyping a bit there but girls do like that kind of thing more. It is a great film and I think you should watch it at least once.

I would watch it again. I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog post.


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