What I did for my birthday this year - 20th!

Birthdays are something that happens once a year for everyone. They always seem to creep up on you when your not looking and before you know it you are no longer a child. This year I have gone from being in the last teenage number and landed on the age of 20. Being 20 is something I've not really thought about much and it's not a big birthday either so I was very unsure what to do. Do I celebrate it like it is a big birthday as for me being 20 is a big deal, or do I just treat it like any other birthday that I have had. For my 16th I had a huge birthday party (you could call it my sweet sixteenth birthday party) and I went to see the Lion King on stage. For my 17th I went to see Billy Elliot on stage and just relaxed the rest of the time. So looking at my past birthdays didn't really help me with deciding what I wanted to do, as I wanted to do something different. Something that when I look back I can say I'm so glad I did that and I'll remember it more. Later on in the summer for my friend Tom's birthday we had a bomb fire and it was so lovely and chill. So when I was remembering that day I thought to myself I want to do something like that. So the idea of a bomb fire with chili for dinner and marshmallows and hot chocolate sounded great! I could then have family round and not have to put a lot of effort into it by also making the night really special.

When the day arrived I was a bit nervous but I didn't need to be at all as it was such a lovely night. We all talked and ate a delicious chili made by my mum and then when it got dark enough we all went outside to light the fire. The bomb fire was so high and hot it was really hard to stand in front of it and face it never mind trying to melt the marshmallows. Everyone seemed to of melted them some how. After that we had some cake and ended the night on a high. It was simple, just like what I wanted. I enjoyed every second of it.

The night before was the night that James said he had a surprise for me and I am the type of person that loves surprises. So I was pretty excited. He told me to dress up in my black and white spotty dress and have a coat for the way there. So hearing that I thought maybe we could of been going out for a meal, but then I thought why would he not tell me that was what we were doing. We did eat before hand as well. Having no idea with what we were going to do we headed into town and in Cheltenham at 7-8 there isn't much on so I did mange to guess that it was at the Everyman. Which to my excitement I had a huge grin on my face. I didn't mange to guess what we went to see though. I am a huge fan of the play and film Little shop of Horrors and that is what me and James went to see. I will do a blog post in the future saying all about the play. It is one of the plays that I recommend to everyone as it is one of my favorites. James brought me some sweets to eat during the play and a t-shirt to have a memory of the night. It was a great show!

The weekend after my best friends Alice and Paige had a surprise for me as well. Which was so lovely of them as I wasn't expecting anything. We vlogged the trip to if you subscribe to our channel you will see a vlog of what we did. We got the train to a place called Clifton Down. I had never heard of it before and I didn't know what would be there so it made the trip more exciting. It turns out that the surprise was going to Bristol Zoo and that is something me and them haven't done before. We all had such a lush day and I would so do it again. We saw so many amazing animals and we also listened to some talks about the animals so we learnt some things too. We had lunch there, I have to say it is a bit on the pricey side just for lunch. I was very grateful as they paid for my lunch, train tickets and for me to get into the Zoo. Here are some pictures of the day! It is one of those places where you should go at least once in your life and experience it.

My 20th was so amazing and I feel so lucky that I have the people in my life that I have. I hope you enjoyed hearing what I got up to for my birthday this year. See you next week for another blog post.


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