Everyone has family right? You may not have a mum or dad or brother or sister but that doesn't mean you don't have family. Family can be anyone to you, like I consider my dog Molly and my closest friends family. They don't have to be by blood, well for me they don't anyway. When I was younger I had a horrible 'Dad' if you can even call him that. So when my mum got with Pete (who is my now adopted dad) I resented him and thought that he was taking that position of the ''dad role''. But I then realized when I got older that he wasn't at all and that all he was doing is looking after me and making sure I had someone there by my side. I also have five brothers two that are step (that are now half due to the adoption) and three half. So as you can see even my close family is a bit all over the place. They are still my family and that's all that matters.

My fiance James normally goes through my blogs to make sure everything is spelt properly before I post. This time I ask him to check this post out but I missed out him being part of the family because I wanted to see how he would react seeing it after it has been put up. He is not only my partner but he is the best friend I could ever of asked for. We have loads of banter and a lot of serious conversations too. When I'm down he knows how to cheer me up and he gives the best cuddles. We love playing games together, going for walks, going to the pub, cinema, seeing friends. Loads of different things, we never get bored around each other as we always have something to talk about. Hopefully one day we will make a family our own, for now we are enjoying life as it comes. He has the biggest heart and he is super clever. That puts me to shame a lot, but it does mean I can learn a lot from him. Which is good as I do love learning things. He is also the first person I go to when something has happened, good or bad. I love him a lot.

Parents are the people that bring your into this world I am super lucky with mine. I have a mum and dad that I love a lot. They have given and taught me so much in my life. They even put up with my stroppy teenage years. Which is pretty awesome considering I was so angry with the world and sometimes I would be in a mood for no reason. They put boundaries in place for certain ages to make sure I was safe and to make sure that when i get older I respected people and rules. I have to say I do, yes okay there are still some rules I here and think I wouldn't of set that, but sometimes you just have to go with it because one day it could all be gone. I have never been a very good cook either and I am not very good at doing things for myself, so the past year or so they have been teaching me how to cook and to do washing ect around the house so then when I move out it won't become such a big shock. I have been doing my own washing since I was 16 and a bit of cooking here and there. This year I have been ordering the food, making meal plans, cleaning the house and more. It's given them more time to do other things and me experience and it's really helped me to grow up a bit. I say a bit because I can defiantly still acted like a child when I want to be. Come on who doesn't? Some of you may think that they might be strict on me, I don't see it that way at all I see it as I'm a 20 year old girl that needs these skills to live. They do still treat me time to time with meals out and clothes ect. So I'm pretty blessed and even though I have to pay rent I don't have to pay for food or any bills. I am pretty lucky with that!

Having five brothers may seen a lot to you, to me it feels normal. I've had five brothers in my life since I was 6. I don't remember any differently. Yes, I am the only girl, but I have always been a bit of a tom boy anyway so it's like I am another boy. Even though coming into my late teenage years I have gotten more girly as I like a lot of different kinds of clothes, I don't really stick to a certain style. Baggy t-shirt and jeans are my go to though. We have always got along me and the boys, yes we have had a lot of fights and arguments. Most of them which has ended up with someone crying, which most of the time been me even though I would start most of them too. The last couple of years we haven't really argued as I think because we are all adults now we don't really care anymore. We still call each other names and annoy each other a bit though. Isn't that what siblings are for though? I do love my brothers even though I don't like to admit it much (never to their faces), deep down I think they know. The great thing about all of us is that we are all so different and got our own personalities yet we do get on well. That makes it a lot easier on our parents. So yeah I would say I am blessed to have them, even if they annoy the hell out of me. I am looking forward to seeing them at Christmas. As we all live all over the UK so Christmas is the one time of year we all get together. Which is pretty nice and we do Secret Santa!

I have two sets of grand parents, mums side are Welsh and Wales is where my mum grow up in. I call them Nanny and Bampy. My dads live in Birmingham, I call them Grandma and Granddad. Grandma also has a partner called Mick and he is one of the family. So it's kind of like I have three granddads. They are the ones that spoil me the most and are always the most excited to see me. Which is cute because I don't see them much being so far away.

By blood I don't have any uncles, by marriage I have two. One who is married to my auntie Cath who is my mums sister. Who both I haven't seen in a long time. As they live in Wales too. Then the other uncle who is in a relationship with my dads sister Jeni. Over all I have three aunties, the other one is my dads other sister Sue. I do have other family members that I call my auntie but aren't, like my mums cousin Ruth, and my great Auntie Shelia (suppose she is basically my auntie).

I have a second family which is James' family, mummy Lisa, Millie (James' sister), Grandad, Betsy (granddads partner), Sarah and Rich (James' uncle and auntie) and their little girl Sophie and Rich's parents Mr and Mrs P. I see them a least 3-4 times a year. We always have a good laugh when we see each other and I always go on a summer holiday with them and spend time with them at Christmas every year. I treat them like my family really because they basically are!

Some of you may not cast your friends as your family but some of my friends I really do because I am really close to them. First of all Alice and Paige the best friends I could of ever of asked for. Always by my side and they always seem to understand me even when I don't. I have done a blog post all about our friendship so I won't go too much into detail as I really could go on forever about how much I love my girls! I also have friends that hang out with both James and me, first off is Joe. We call him Waters because we have three Joe's in our friendship group. He is basically mine and James' adopted son. I won't say how that came about as I am not internally sure myself. We all have that one friend that acts like your kid right? Or is that just us? Then we have Will, Joe Harvey, Dimetry, Tom and Tom's girlfriend Emily. Who is like another me, me and Emily not only think the same  but act the same. It's so funny when we come out with the same things. All these guys are great, always have a laugh with them, even though they get on my nerves a bit. But I also get on theirs so I can let them off. They are quite a bunch of lads, but I love them. So you can probably see why I say they are my family, or maybe you don't. Never the less they are to me.

I have a neighbors called Anthea, Mark and Manny who I call my family as they are always there for me and they act so much like an auntie, uncle and cousin to me. Even though I see Manny as my little brother. He is the cutest little boy. It's funny people don't normally cast neighbors as their family but these guys I would have to say are! I don't have a picture of all of us, so sadly I wouldn't be able to show you them, but they are a great bunch!

Lastly as I couldn't put a dog before a human could I? Ermm, maybe I could with this one. Molly she is my little fluffy cutie of a dog. She's a Labradoodle who is Australian so she is tiny and a bit of a grumpy old lady at times, but can also but a bubbly child that wants constant attention. She is a funny one. She is great when I am down just giving her a hug and it cheers me up even though she doesn't say anything back when I vent to her. That's what dogs are for I am sure of that!

I hope you have enjoyed this insight to my wild and BIG family that I have. Also that my family isn't just through blood or human. Family comes is all shapes and sizes too, big or small they are still there for you and they are the ones that will stick by you still the end.

See you next week for another blog post.



  1. i just follow your blog.
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    1. Thank you! Very kind of you.

      Wow, Greece, bet it's lovely over there! Greetings from England.