2016 | My top 10 moments

2016 has been a great year for me, so here's to hoping 2017 is going to be another! I've seen a few people do this now and I thought it was be lovely to do for this weeks blog post my top 10 moments of 2016. I think this will help bring me into the new year on a high and later on in life I can look back on this to remember some great things I've done in my life.

1. My cousin Freya came back from Australia for a couple of months and I got to spend some time with her. I did do a blog post all about it called my trip to Swansea. It was lovely as me and mum stayed at a place in Swansea and Freya stayed round for the night with us. We had a huge catch up as we hadn't seen each other since I went over to Australia when I was 11. It was a great start to the year.

2. For mine and James 3rd anniversary we went away with Forest Holidays (again I did a blog post on this if you want to find out more). We has never stayed in a log cabin together before so it was a great experience and we had a lush time relaxing, watching movies, eating great food and having some time with just us in the middle of no where. I was really recommend that place to people if you are thinking of going somewhere for a getaway.

3. In April me and James got our first tattoos. This was an experience that I had been wanting to do for years and I had been talking about it for so long. When the time came I was super nervous and I thought I wouldn't take the pain, but when it was being done I was a lot better than I thought. I think I was just over thinking really. Now I have a great tattoo that when I see it it'll always remind me to keep going and that I can do anything if I put my mind to it.

4. Me and Ali hadn't been away with just us before so when we both went to London together it was an experience that I would totally do again! It was amazing we saw Matilda at the threatre and did a lot of shopping (when I say a lot, I mean a lot!). I wouldn't of changed that time we had, one of the great things about it is that we filmed it so if you want to see what we got up to then head over to our YouTube channel.

5. In the summer me and my second family (James' Family) go on a holiday together and last year (weird saying that!) we went to Madeira. Which they had gone to before but I hadn't so I was super grateful that they invited me to come along. We did a lot of sight seeing, played in the pool and ate some amazing food. I tried a lot of different foods and if you know me I'm not one to like trying new foods. I loved it.

6. My birthday this year has to be my favorite birthday so far, I did a lot of different things. First James took me to see Little Shop of Horrors, which is one of my favorite musicals. Then I arranged for all of my family to come round and have chili and we made a bomb fire. Lastly, my best friends took me to the Zoo as a surprise. I loved every second of my birthday and I wouldn't change any of it for the world! I have a lot of great memories from all of these events.

7. My parents opened up a unit called Create on the Square and I help them out. By doing that I have gained confidence and a lot of great experience. I have also done a lot of things I never would of if Create wasn't a thing. So I am super grateful for my parents giving me this opportunity and I am so glad that it is doing so well.

8. I had to put this on my list as without my blog I wouldn't know what to do. My blog is getting bigger and bigger the more I post. Which is amazing, I never thought in a million years that it would be possible. Looking at my blog now is like looking at a child, because I made it and I put the work into it. Seeing something that I put so much work into grow is amazing and I'm looking forward to learning more things as my blog goes on for more years.

9. Friends, this year I have found out what friends really are (I know how cringe that sounds). For years I could never tell weather people liked me or not. This year I've stopped caring about that, and yes okay it hurts finding out if someone doesn't like me. But because of the friends I have are so great it doesn't take long for me not to care. My friends have been great to me, and you know who you are i you are reading this. So little message from me, thank you for accepting me for me.

10. Me and James have grown so much as a couple. Yes we do get on each others nervous, that's only because we spend so much time together. I wouldn't change that for the world. We never really argue because we found a away of being able to talk about our problems and now we sort them out really fast. So that's made us understand each other more. We don't jump to any conclusions anymore we just ask and the other person just has to try not to get annoyed about that. I love him more and more as days go on and I am super proud of what he has done in life. I know I should tell him this more. So that's what I'll be doing in 2017.

So that's my 2016 moments that I have loved! What are yours? Comment below I would love to hear them.


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