2nd year of blogging | What I have learnt

Time has gone by so so fast and now I am on my second anniversary for my blog. I remember when I first started I was super nervous about doing it and telling people. It was on 3rd January. At first I only told my close friends are family about it. Then I went to posting it on Twitter, when a year came I made a Facebook page. A lot has happened so I thought I'd write about some of the things I have learnt in the last two years about blogging and some memories of things I have enjoyed.

One of the first things I have learnt is my writing style I feel like I am someone that enjoys writing in a chatty way. As in like I am having a conversation to you right now. By also making myself relatabler as I find a lot of things in life you aren't alone with things you feel/do/see ect. I find that when I talk about things I have been through or things I have done, people feel like I am more of a relatable person so means they feel like I am more real. Which I love as I am just a normal person just like anyone else.

I realized that when I was doing my un-boxing posts about My Geek Box I was having to force it and make sure I just had something to write about each thing. I found that I wasn't really making any effort, that then made me start to get a bit bored of blogging. Once I stopped doing that I found out a lot more about what I like about Blogging. I think doing A-Z April challenge really helped me with that as well. Even though it took a lot of work to do that.

It's okay to take a break from blogging. I love blogging, it brings a lot of joy to me but sometimes it's like I need time to breath like when I did the A-Z April challenge where you do a blog post every day in April going from A-Z but you miss out Sundays and with that I found so hard to do it everyday. I found I lost motivation and that I was forcing some posts out just because. So when I stopped it for a couple of weeks I found everything came back and I found posts that I enjoy writing. I only write a blog post if I have something interesting to say or if I really want to. I make sure it isn't forced other wise my content will be super boring and not even I will enjoy it. So what I learnt from that is that even if I do have a break I will always go back to knowing what I want to do in the end.

I will always be changing what blog posts I want to write and how I write them. As I find that everyday I am changing and growing as a person. So therefore my content will not anyways be the same. I have now accepted that and I feel that I have grown more in myself. I used to write blog posts because I thought I had to. When I started it was to help me with confidence and my Dyslexia but as I didn't know what I wanted to write I thought I'm not allowed to stop doing it. I did enjoy doing it, but I wasn't enjoying the content I was writing. From now on I'll write blog posts that I find interesting at the time. I am okay with that!

These are a few things I have learnt I think though as more time goes on I will learn more and more about blogging and myself. I feel like now I am pretty happy with how my blog is going and I think it will continue to grow as I grow in life. So excited to head into my 3rd year of blogging. May it be a good one.


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