The Woman in Black | Play Review

You guys know that I love plays right?... Well, at the weekend me my friends Alice and Steph went to see The Woman in Black at the Everyman Cheltenham. I liked the first film (wasn't keen on the second) so when the opportunity came to be able to go see it at the Theater I had to go. Alice had been before and she said that it was amazing and that she would love to go again. Hearing all the good things about the play got me more and more excited to see it. Now I have seen it I thought I would say my thoughts about it.

The Woman in Black is based in the year 1983 and it's a horror novel written by Susan Hill in the styles of a traditional Gothic novel. The plot involves a strange and mysterious black shadow like person that haunts a small English town by possessing children to their death. A man is sent to the house a woman has died by his firm to settle the estate. The lawyer finds that the townspeople are reluctant to talk and go near the 'woman's' home. Ignoring the townspeople's warnings he goes to the house where he discovers it's horrible history and it's even more horrible legacy. The play does it slightly different to the film by having a play within a play. A guy called Arthur Kipps wants to tell the story of The Woman in Black by acting. Throughout the play they swap between the play and the present time.

The stage is simple with a few bits of furniture. They used a plain white sheet as the background which helped to show the different rooms in the house. On the floor they had a brown planked flooring with sheets at the end representing the water. They used one clothing rack throughout the whole play to hang clothes on and to take off when needed so all the costume changes where all on stage. At all times they used to chairs and a stool to use as different things, one of them being a train seat, bed and other things like that. So as you can tell even though all these things are simple they are used for different things makes you feel like you are there and works really well. Giving you just enough to imagine it yourself.

There are two main characters (not including the woman in black). Arthur Kipps is one of them he is the guy that wants to tell people the story through play. He is also the narrator of the story. Another guy called Mathew Spencer is the actor that helps Arthur with his acting to help make the play as good as it can be. He also plays Kipps in the story then Kipps plays all of the other characters and the narrator. Both of the characters have a huge personality which helps bring the play to life. Kipps is more of a shy person that get confused and needs help to be able to do the play, whereas Spencer is someone that is confident and knows what he is doing, he uses he skills to help guide Kipps. There is also the Woman in Black, you don't see her much but with the small amount you see her with no words you still feel like she is real and really makes you feel terrified of her.

I really liked the play and the best bits about it for me was the set and how simple it was yet you can imagine what it would have been like to be there. The acting was amazing, they made me feel all sorts of emotions, I was laughing, on edge and really engaged in the story-line. I love how it made me feel scared because I feel like if a horror film doesn't make you feel scared or on edge it's not really doing it's job. I find that watching a lot of horror films, they just bore me. I love the timing of the jump scares, they timed them so well which made everyone either jump or scream. Sometimes they made it like there was going to be a jump scare then they didn't do it, which made me feel on edge and like I was waiting for something bad to happen. There are so many good things about this play that I liked, I could go on and go. But I won't bore you with that.

Things I didn't like is very little, like I found the first half of the play dragged a little. I just wanted to see the Woman in Black to be honest. I think that was mainly just me not being very patience. Another thing I found is that the actors were talking through when everyone was laughing after they jump because of the jump scare.  That meant I wasn't able to hear them at those times it happened. But other than those two things with me being very picky, it was amazing and I loved it.

So that's all my thoughts on this play. It was pretty amazing, I did love it and hearing the audience as they left I think they felt the same. Hope you enjoyed this weeks blog, see you next week for another one.



  1. I love this post! It reminds me all the things about the play!

  2. Aww thank you! Can't wait to see yours when you've finished. Thank you for a great time at the weekend lovely xxx