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You know when Facebook tells you an event that has happened on the same day a year or so ago. Well the other day it told me about mine and James' first holiday together in February half term to the Isle of Wight. It was one of the most amazing memory that me and James have made so far. I hadn't done a blog post on this trip before so I thought I'd do one this time, on what I remember.
In my family my parents have given all of us kids £400 to spend on whatever we want for our 18th birthday so I decided that I wanted to go on holiday. I wanted to go somewhere that I had never been before. Sadly around my birthday there wasn't any time to go away and Christmas is not long after so we decided to have the trip in February to make it like a belated birthday trip away and meant we had something lovely to look forward to.

Lisa (James' mum) helped us a lot with finding where to go and how to book the holiday. As we hadn't done it before and we didn't really have a clue what to do. She showed us this website where she has booked some of her holidays from called David Urquhart. This website showed a lot of places that you can go to and there is where we found the idea of going to Isle of Wright. They had an amazing all exclusive package which involved breakfast/dinner, travel, place to stay and even day trips out that you could go on to see lots of different places that you can go to there (basically like a tour). For £400 we weren't expecting to be able to afford to pay of an expensive holiday so this was perfect and it was far enough for us to feel like we were going abroad. We booked to go for 4 nights. So we had the first day for travel, then the second, third and fourth for sight seeing and things like that, then the last day for traveling back. It was the perfect amount of time to do what we wanted to do.

On the way there and back we did have a long during and it did take us basically all day to get to where we wanted to go. This was due to a lot of traffic. Which was annoying but nothing that could have been helped. I think we were just lucky that we had each others company really otherwise I think we would have been so bored and would have wanted to go home before the trip had even began. When we got to the venue I had a bit of a freak out (nothing knew there) as we had viewed another venue thinking it was the same one that we were staying in. So our expectations where very different to the out come. James did manage to make me realize that it wasn't a big deal as we won't be staying there for very much of our time anyway and the most important thing is that we have fun. He was right of course! So I did soon forget about it and the out come was amazing we really did have an amazing time.

So now we have gotten to day one of our trip. This day we had to get up early and we had a gorgeous cooked breakfast. Which we had like everyday of the trip. Then we set off on the coach for our first adventure of the week. We set off to a small village and we were able to just go off by ourselves and have a look around as long we we got back to the coach by a certain time. We found the cutest cafe which was in an american style dinner. The food was super yummy but we didn't realize how big the food was going to be. So we weren't able to finish all of it, which was a bit of a shame. We found the most quirkiest shops there which is something we love finding. One of them was a geeky shop (which is right up our street). That's where I brought a present of James' birthday which wasn't going to be until August but I had to get it and I got myself a Hulk t-shirt which I still have and love now. That day we did a lot of shopping and we brought this awesome marvel game. Which took us ages to figure out how to play it, which was funny. But it's still a good game to play.

The second day we went to another little village which was by the sea and explored there. It was beautiful. It was smaller than the first town we had gone to and we had only spent the morning there. We saw a harbor and gorgeous little pebble streets. Sadly I can't find the photos to show you, so you'll have to take my word for it. After that we got taken a chocolate place, where they made fresh chocolate. We had to buy some of course. This place was on top of the a hill so when you come outside of the back of the building you can see a beautiful view. As you can see in the pictures we got our picture taken with some of the view in the back ground. You can see the sea crashing into the rocks and with the sun shining so bright it really made the place and day look so beautiful. They decided to take us to another place after that, it was a place that looked like a kind of park where there was crazy golf and mini games like that to play on. There was also a look out point. As there was so many games to play we started off our challenge so James won the crazy golf and we knew that at the place we were staying at that there was a lot of things like that there too. So it was game on from there. I couldn't just let him win. After that eventful day we went back and relaxed and tried to really take it all in.

The last day was a day that we decided to stay at the place we were staying at and see the sights around there. As we saw briefly a pier by the sea and not far away there was another bit of a village that we could see. On the way to the pier there are a lot of shops and cafe's. We had a lie in and then went to the pier for lunch and we had lovely pasty and milk shakes. Then we started off our adventure by playing crazy golf and bowling. I won this crazy golf and James won the bowling. After that we decided to go to the other village which you walk down to by a road on the edge of the sea. The weather wasn't great. So the waves were coming very very high and crashing a lot. It made the trip quite fun strangely. We made up our own games and we had a right laugh. It was a groggy day but I think we made to most of being away from home really. There wasn't much in the other village so we didn't spend much time there. After that we headed back for dinner at our hotel. For some reason as it was our last night we thought it would be a good idea to go out to the beach even though it was raining and pitch black. Thinking it would be supper romantic and it wasn't. It was quite funny. We realized that when we got to the beach it was a bad idea. I tired to make James play a game with me by running to the water and running away from it trying to not let it touch you. It didn't last long really, and we decided it was best to go back. This was at like 9-10 at night as well so it was freezing. On the way back we saw this phone box which freaked us out a bit because it had a broken flashing light on it at in the dark it looked pretty spooky. We still joke about this night as it's a memory to remember.

So as you can tell even though it was a cheap holiday and we didn't go very far we had an amazing time and I wouldn't of changed it for the world. Sometimes you need a break away with a loved one or a friend and just try something new. If we hadn't of booked this holiday we wouldn't have the memories we have today and of experienced that sense of independent. It proves you don't need to spend a lot and have a lot to have a good time. I would recommend going to places that are cheap and make it a memory to remember.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog post. See you next time for another.


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