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The last play I did a review on was The Woman in Black so seeing 'The play that goes wrong' was a very different kind of genre and a very different play over all. It was very good and funny so I had to do a review on it. If you seen it before let me know what you thought of the play. If not then it is a must see. I saw it with James and his family. It was a really funny play taken the jokes back to the basics. Me and James were talking about how comedy in films are normally 30% funny out of a whole 2 hour film, but this play was constantly funny. Every couple of seconds it made me laugh so much,along with everyone else.

''I would like to stay a huge thank you to Lisa for giving me this as a gift at Christmas time. It was very thoughtful and I had a lovely time.''

The Play That Goes Wrong is a play that the audience witness the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society preparing to stage their annual production (Which this year happens to be a 1920's murder mystery), called 'Murder at Haversham Manor'. As you are sitting waiting for the play to start two characters come on stage to 'entertain' you whilst you wait. They do some pretty funny things to prepare you for the play. I won't say what happened as I don't want to give it away for those who are wanting to watch it.

The set was a living room and a sofa in the middle on the room acting as the center prop. On the right they had a office propped up to show it was upstairs. Which was very effective. As you can see in the picture above. I found it very hard to explain what I meant by it being propped up. At the back of the room they had a hug certain acting as the window. I love this set as it is very clear to see what is what and it is very effective in what they have done. Compared to The Woman in Black play the set has a lot more colour and a lot more going on in it. For this kind of play it works really well.

There are only 8 characters in the whole play. Each character fills really unique. Not only is the actors playing their role in the production but they are also playing the roles of the actors playing those parts. For example one guy forgot his lines and doing so we got to see the actor behind the character's reaction to this. Making this more apparent and very funny. I won't go into detail about the characters as it's very hard not to give away any spoilers. But by my reaction and what I have said you can probally tell that I really think the acting was spot on and I loved how they proformed it.

The best things about the play is the delivery from the actors, because of this it made the play really funny and it made it really interesting. Which then helped with the engadgment with the audiance. The stage, as I've said I liked as there was a lot to see due to the eye and was cleverly made.

This is a shorter blog post but it's because I don't want to give the humor away as then there won't be much point in seeing the play. It is a much see and I really enjoyed it.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog post. See you next week for another.


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  1. I saw 'the comedy about a bank robbery' in December here in London, its by the same people and I thought it was so funny! Real slapstick comedy but not for everyone haha xx

  2. No way!? Was it any good? If it's by the same people than I can so understand why it is so funny. Yeah really is, it's my kind of humor really. Defo not! I'm glad you liked it, I would love to see that one too xxx