Why I chose not to go to uni

After going to college I had the choice of going to uni or not. For me that was something I really wasn't sure on and in the end I decided not to go. I did get frowned apon by the collage but I knew that I didn't want to go at that time. Yes I might change my mind later on in life but then I will go then. But for now it wasn't a choice for me for wanting to go. I think people need to understand that and that uni isn't the only option after collage/six form. There are loads of things you can do instead and just because you have been told to do it doesn't mean you have to. It has to be your choice to go. So I thought I'd write a blog post on the reason why I chose not to go to uni, so if you are someone that is trying to decide weather to go or not then this might help you.

I left school in 2013 with 6 GCSE's. Then I went to Glos Col to do Musical Theater and I passed with a level 3 diploma. I didn't know what I wanted to do and I was forced to do something so I chose something that I liked (musical theater), but I found out that it is so different doing it as a subject to seeing it and doing it for fun. In the end I found out that, that course wasn't really for me. But I still got a qualification from it.  So it did give me something. Then I had to decide weather or not to go to uni. I had been told loads of times to go to uni even if I didn't want to because it's a good experience but I wasn't prepared to just go into a random course for the amount of money it is and not enjoy it. If I wanted to go in the future with a course I wanted to do, then sure I'll do that. I was happy not to go and to try and get a job and with that figure out what I wanted to do.

From then I started volunteering at different places trying to figure out what I wanted to do as a job. It varied from working as a receptionist at a place that looks after adults with all sort of disabilities to looking after children at Family Space and helping the parents. I found that looking after the children is something I enjoyed the most so I stopped with volunteering at the other places and did more days at Family Space. I find that if you volunteer not only dose it look good on your CV but it helps with getting new skills and finding what you are good at. For me that is looking after children. Before I helped out there I didn't know what I was good at or had even thought about looking after children as an option. So it is something I would recommend you to do if you are stuck. I have been helping out there for 2 years now and I love it. It's also starting to open up more doors for me which I will get onto a bit later.

My parents have been amazing through all of this and they took me under their wing and allowed me to help them out with their business George TD. With that the idea was the keep helping out at Family Space and help them by doing blog posts on things I have learnt, odd end jobs that they didn't have time to do, course's to gain more skills and experience. I feel like doing this I have gained more skills then I did at school, one being my attitude is a lot different to when I was at school as I have grown up a lot, another being I feel that it is more for me.

So with all of this it makes me think I have made the right decision for me. If you are someone that doesn't know what they want to do at uni, think before you go about to see if its really is what you want to do. Uni isn't something you have to do to do well in life or to get a good job. Yes it helps to have a degree, but the most important thing is having people skills and to be able to do the work set for you.

These are my reasons why I chose not to go to uni and what I have done since leaving school, showing that it's okay not to have to go as you can still get a lot from things.

See you next week for another blog post.


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