My first time to America

I enjoyed writing my blog post on my trip to Isle of wright a couple of years ago. Another trip that I hadn't blogged about was my trip to LA in America. It was an amazing trip and I thought it would be interesting to look back on what I did there and really just an excuse to do an interesting post.

I had always wanted to go to America so when my parents said we were going on holiday there I was super excited I kept bringing it up until we went, I was that excited!

I would normally right about what I did in each day, but I went for 2 weeks and I feel like that'll take a very long time so I will just write in order of the places we went to without specifying what days we did then on. So let's get started shall we...

I hadn't been on a long flight in years since I was 11 when we went to Australia. I was 17 when we went to America so I had forgotten what a long flight was like. Although I did remember being very ill on the way home so that didn't really put me in good hopes for this flight. I wasn't scared I was just more worried about being bored out of my mind and nothing for me to do to change that. It was very long and it did feel longer that there was only one TV that was had to share with everyone else so I couldn't choose what I wanted to choose. I know this sounds very ungrateful as years ago they didn't even have TV's to watch in a long flight. But I find that we I have my own, being able to choose something you want to watch is better as then you enjoy it more and what they put on I didn't enjoy that much. Luckily I wasn't ill this time, I was just super hungry as the plane food wasn't that great and not very filling either. I shouldn't complain though as not everyone gets to go to America. I am super lucky.

Arrived in California with a guy called James that picked us up in a mini van to take us to Yosemite which is a beautiful camping exploring place in California. We stayed in these small tents that had beds in and places to store your things. It was kind of like a small room but in a tent form. So it was pretty freezing at night as you are in the outdoors. We were there for about 4 days, we managed to explore a lot. One of the most beautiful things we saw was a waterfall which to get to you had to climb a lot of rocks. It was hard work but we made it and there was a pool at the bottom of the waterfall which loads of people were jumping into. That place had a great atmosphere and the views were amazing to say the least. To get to different places around Yosemite you can go on this free bus, shuttle type thing. Which is great because you can't walk everywhere. They said that in the winter people can ski and things like that. I thought it sounded pretty cool. I bet seeing it in the winter will be such a different experience. One day I would love to go there so I can see all the snow.

We had a wonderful time in Yosemite and I think we could have stayed longer, but it was our time to go and explore more of California. We set back and went to a train, which was taking us to San Francisco. it was a 4 hour train journey. It made sure we had enough snacks for the journey and we sat on the top floor so the view was pretty amazing. In San Francisco we stayed in an apartment it was a beautiful apartment and it was in a great location too. Not too far away from shops and views that made you feel like you were in some sort of far off land. We stayed there for the rest of the week. One of the days we hired bikes and went over the Golden Gate bridge. We had a whole day using those bikes and we traveled pretty far. I had never thought that I would get to see the Golden Gate Bridge in person and it is something that everyone should do at least once in their lives. I loved it.

Of course being in America we had to go to a baseball game. We were on the side of the San Francisco Giants as that's where we were so we thought it made sense really. The game is a really long game but the atmosphere is so good that it made the time there so good. I tired a corn dog for the first time whilst at the match as well. I'm wasn't too keen on it so mum brought my some nachos for me to eat instead, which were lush. It was Ben's (my youngest brother) birthday whilst we were there so of course we had to buy him a cake of his choice and make yummy food.

One of the places in America called Alcatraz, which is an island which used to be a prison and now is a tourist attraction. I wanted to see for ages and I finally got a chance to. It is something that I would recommend everyone to go see if they get a chance to. You have to get a ferry there that takes about an hour to get to the island and when you get there you get given head phones with a box attached to it, so that when you walk around the box talks to you about what you are seeing and tells you stories. It is super interesting. I love learning about history and things like that so I was really  in my element. near the end of the talk some how I got lost from my family and I thought they headed back to the boat to take us back so I tried to head back and I got lost. I really don't know how this happened. It took a while to find them again.

For the last week of the trip we hired a car and took a kind of road trip to LA. We started off staying at different motels and the last place we stayed in was a lush hotel. Which was a great end to the trip. On one of the days on our road trip we went quad biking on this open land of sand. It was kind of like a desert but I don't think it was. We did 3 hours of it. It was fun, although we did get stuck in the sand a lot as there are hills and the bikes didn't like going up them very much. At one point my brother Jonty's bike toppled over his head. It was a bit scary, but other than that it was so much fun. At some point on the trip we found a pire and near it we found a fish restaurant where you eat the fish with your hands. I don't really like fish so I had a burger instead.

Being in LA now we had to go to Universal Studio's. Which for those who don't know what it is, it's kind of like Disneyland but for Universal Studios. There isn't really any other way of explaining it. There are food places, rides and a lot of people. This day I remember a lot to being the hottest day so far on the trip. As you walk round there are these fans and I remember trying to make sure I walk as close to them as I could. I remember really clearly a pirate performance that we watched which was great as there was a lot of water being thrown at you. In the performance there was a bad guy (as always) and a good guy that was trying to save a woman. It was pretty good and entertaining and I think they were really good at engaging with people. Another thing I remember was a 4D experience ride thing that is about King Kong and he fights a Dinosaur. The ride gults all over the place and sprays things at you, making it feel more real. You have to wear these glasses to, to see the action. We did a lot more than just that but those are the things that has really stuck in my mind when going to Universal.

America has a lot of small island in it and one of the days we had to go to one. Sadly I can't remember the name of the island but when we were there we explored a bit then went zip-wiring. Which was pretty awesome. There was about 8 wires to go on and as you go on each one they get bigger and higher. The men that were taking us around and basically supervising us told us to do different things each time we went on the zip wire, like the first one we got told to scream. It made me laugh a lot hearing and seeing everyone's versions of being on it. After we had to rush back to the ferry as we were running late. Coming back off the ferry we found a lush nacho place that did amazing nachos. Again I can't remember the name of the place which is a bit annoying. But I have to tell you it was so damn good.

The Hard Rock Cafe is huge in America so of course we had to go there and we had lush drinks there. It was all about Rock as you can imagine and it had a lot of famous people's signature's everywhere. It was so full when we got there we struggled to get a seat. Heading to the cafe we saw those famous Hollywood stars on the floor and we were trying to look for people we know. There are so many so when we left we were looking at a lot more. We found a place were you can see an amazing view of the Hollywood sign and we took some awesome pictures. From there we went to china town and had the most amazing Chinese. It was a great end to the trip.

So that was everything we did in America. Sadly there was no way of being able to fit in day by day of what we got up to. But hopefully I have given you enough insight to what we did and what you can do when/if you go. If you have gone to America before I would love to hear what you guys got up to.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. See you next time for another.


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