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Netflix lately are very known for there original series with Marvel. They started it off with Daredevil which was a huge hit. There last one out of the Hero's for Hire is Iron Fist and recently they released it. Me and James watched the whole series at the weekend. I am hoping that now they have released Iron Fist that they will have a Hero for Hire series as I would love to see all the amazing characters together fighting against crime. As Dare Devil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist are such interesting characters and they have always hinted about them in each of the seasons they have done.

Iron Fist only has 13 episodes in the whole series so for a series it's quiet short, but I feel like it's a good amount of episodes really. Even more so for it being a new series it's good to have less episodes so people can get a taster to what the program is like and whether or not they like it.

The film is about a young man that is bestowed with incredible martial arts skills and mystical force as the Iron Fist. The film starts off with young Danny turning up from the 'dead'. He faces a lot of obstacles in his way when trying to convince people that he really is Danny that was suppose to be 'dead' from a plane crash.

I felt for me that this program was slower than the others, but that didn't take away from it being a good program to watch. It doesn't have as much action as the others either. Saying that though the action sense's are pretty cool and really well choreographed. Unlike the Batman VS Superman film the fights look real and that both rides have a fighting chance. Even though you are wanting one side to win you still feel like it's an even playing field.

The character Danny is the type of person that always wants to do the right thing, but in doing so he doesn't really look at the bigger picture in seeing what his actions could cost. He tries his hardest to follow the law in doing so he is finding it difficult due to the enemies he is facing. He has a big struggle between wanting to be Danny and wanting to be Iron Fist. With this struggle he is finding that the people he trusts are people that he shouldn't and that are betraying him, behind his back. He is a guy that is driven by saving people and protecting what he knows.

During these events Danny meets a girl called Colleen Wing who takes kids off the streets and teaches them how to defend their selves and to do good in life. This then enables them to have a good life that they wanted and to achieve amazing things. She is a very strong woman that is just trying to life her life and is struggling to afford to stay where she lives. Somehow she gets herself involved with Danny and they fight together. She is like Danny in the sense of always wanting to do the right thing but gets torn sometimes to what is the right thing.

Danny had old friends Joy and Ward that he grow up with which now own the business that his father and their farther used to own. Coming back he has to try and convince them who he is. Joy is more willing to believe him were as Ward is certain that it isn't him and that he is a crazy man off the street. Joy is more kind and willing to do what it takes to keep the company going up. Ward is more worried about himself and the things that are happening outside of work. This gives them both things that they need to encounter and come to an agreement to.

The Hand are a big enemy for all of the hero's. They are willing to go behind the law and go back on their word. Making them not trustworthy. We don't know enough about them yet but what we do know makes people very scared of them. They are really highly trained and skilled in fighting against people. They are very clever and deceiving as well. This makes it harder to defeat them.

These are my thought on this program. I really enjoyed it and I watched it all in one day. It got a few bad reviews. For me it really wasn't as bad as, as they were saying. I would recommend people to watch it and to make their own views on it.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. See you next time for another.


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