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For my week off at Christmas I made the most of relaxing and I watched a lot of films that I hadn't seen before. Two of those films were Suicide Squad and Batman VS Superman. The reason why I put them both into one blog post is because they are similar in the reasons that I shall tell you. So for me it made sense in making it into one blog post talking about why I didn't like the films that much. I enjoyed them more than I thought I would because of the bad reviews so they didn't give me a good start before I had even watched them.

So first off I shall give a little description of both films. Yes there is spoilers so if you haven't seen the films and you don't want to know what happens in them then please don't read ahead.

Suicide Squad, Suicide Squad.... I was looking forward to this when they released the trailer. By the time we saw it, it had already been out on DVD for half a year. When hearing about the reviews it made me think the film was going to be awful but I still needed to see it for myself. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would and out of the two films it was the better one. So as the film goes there are these 'bad guys' that the government wanted to recruit in order to solve problems that only they could solve with their unique skill set. Then they are asked to help and save the world from an apocalyptic threat. They start by giving a reason to why they need these villains to help them and say a description of them in big detail. Which was great as that meant you got to know a bit of back story for the main characters of the film. The bad part about this is that they didn't do it for all the characters so it lead me to believe that they aren't as important and aren't needed for the team. They also killed Slipknot straight away making him very pointless to the film, by them not really given him a back story it made it very obvious that he would die that soon and therefore none one cares when he does.

Furthermore, you have The Joker (who was in a lot of the trailer might I add) was not seen much of the film at all. That was a big shame as I feel like with the amount of effort he put into the character made it pointless. A lot of the characters weren't even needed in the film making them pointless to the whole film aswell. The genral acting was pretty bad, although Harley Quinn was pretty good. To be fair she was the best part of the film. Dispite not being amazing. With that it didn't help that the writing was appoaling and made the storyline not make much sense. With all of these things into concideration it made an over all 'Meh' kind of film.

Batman VS Superman was for me the worst out of both of the films. Well that's my option of it anyway. The start of the film started strong showing slips from Man of Steel film but at the same time showing Batman and how he reacts to what Superman is doing. They show how angry Batman feels when seeing the actions and then start to show development of how Batman turns against Superman. The reason why I love this bit of the film so much is because it shows how the actions of a super heros can really effect a normal human being. It also reminds us that even though that was all going on the world around the actions are still going on too. So the consequences can be huge. As they showed in the film a men that lost his legs. With all of that going on the world then throughout the rest of the film are trying to decide what sort of super hero they want in the world and weather or not Superman and Batman are needed. A lot of people fear them and a lot of people feel like they need them. Which is to be expected.

At the same time as all of this going on you see Lex Luthor doing evil things to try and make Superman and Batman fight against each other so at least one of them will kill the other. Well that was his plan anyway. At some point in the film you see Wonder Woman come in, which I thought great that'll make things interesting. But little did I know that she wouldn't be needed in the film at all. She didn't contribute anything at all. I feel like they added her just for the sake of it and not really making her role a good role that it could have been.

Another flaw in this film which I think is a big slot whole if you ask me, is that Lex Luthor makes a staff which has criptinight on it which he gives to Batman so he is able to use it to kill Superman. Again I thought this could add something to the film. It didn't. When Batman and Superman fort it was always one of them being stronger than the other, too much stronger than the other. For example Superman is OP just by himself so when fighting, Batman didn't really have a chance against him. All Superman did was beat him down until they fell down the building to the bottom floor and Batman some how found the staff with the kriptonight on it and used that to his advantage. This is just one example of all the plot holes in the film that ruins it. Then at the end of the fight Superman's girlfriend Lois took the staff and throw it into some water. For whatever reason, I am still trying to figure that out by the way. Batman should have then taken the staff with him. Not left it. They needed it a the end of the film and then had to go find it again. Sorry for being a bit ramboly but all these points really frustrated me and I feel like they could have done so much better.

Basically I had a high expecation for both films, as they both sounded super intresting. Annoyingly they failed to achieve that and not only that but didn't really do anyting right. This made me really annoyed and I can tell by looking online at people's reviews, that I am not the only one. These are my thoughts. What are yours?

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. See you next time for another.


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