Weekend Away | Cirencester

It's good to appreciate the little things, like seeing friends and family and eating good food. That is what I did this weekend. Me and James' family went away for the weekend to a little town in Cirencester. This was for James' Granddad's birthday. The house we stayed in was beautiful and I felt super grateful to have been invited. On top of that there were beautiful views and amazing company.

Cirencester isn't far away from Cheltenham (Which is where I live) but it was far enough and different enough to feel like we were far away. It really felt like we were on holiday, which we were.

I feel like everyone else that I take things for granted sometimes and this weekend made me realize that so I really tried to take everything in and to really enjoy myself. I did just that. It took just over 30 minutes to get there. When we turned up we were shocked at how beautiful and big the house looked from the outside.
When we got there we spend the evening looking around the house and relaxing. We had a lush Lasagna which I had two portions of. As you have to have more portions of food when it tastes so good.

Waking up in a double bed was nice as I don't have one at home and then being able to pop into the en-suite. It's not everyday I can do that. I was a bit annoyed waking up as I woke up early and I wanted a lie in as I was on holiday. But I couldn't get back to sleep so I got myself up in the end as I could hear people down stairs chatting. After breakfast we all went for a walk, it wasn't for long. We could see a beautiful view as we were walking along. We ended the walk at a small village and then walked back. It took about half hour to get there and half hour to get back. When we got back Sophie wanted to go into the pool so her Millie, Sarah and Rich all went into the pool. They all said it was freezing. So I was kind of glad I didn't go in. For that evening we all dressed up for a Mexican evening. As it was Granddads birthday after all and really just an excuse to eat good food. The place was decorated with birthday banners. We ate a gorgeous chili, for me it was a little too spicy but luckily it didn't take away from the flavour.  The rest of the evening we spent relaxing.

The next day was the day that we were going home so we just spent another day relaxing. For lunch Lisa (James' mum) made a gorgeous strew from the slow cooker it was super filling and yummy. A couple of hours after that we went home. I liked the fact that we spent most of the time relaxing as I needed a bit of a break from work.

So okay from what I have told you it doesn't seem like we did much but that wasn't the point in the holiday. Sometimes it's nice to go away and not do as much as a change of scenery can sometimes be enough. I had a wonderful weekend and I really hope everyone else did too.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. See you next time for another.


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